Friday, July 19, 2013

The Nostalgeteur

Okay, this is the first post in the long awaited Good-bye Tour.
Grace, Daniel, and Lydia respectively

Well, maybe you haven't awaited it, but I have been meaning and meaning to get to it. The weeks before I left the states was a whirlwind of social engagements, saying goodbye and having "one last time" with friends.

Now the Nostalgeteur was a day when I got together with best friend Lydia.
We spent the morning at her house talking. I didn't take pictures of that.

Then we went over to our friends' house, Grace and Jacob. They have a son, Daniel. It was the last time I got to see them before I left (I did get to see Lydia again.)

We stayed there for dinner (pizza) then Lydia and I rushed off to see a theatrical production at our alma mater. I was a theatre major, so this was going to be especially nostalgic...

Except the theatre was full.

So we decided to wander the campus and reminisce. We wandered through the student center and I peeked into the lobby of my former dorm when we started to leave...

And I said, you know, I'm engaged...

Well that's pretty much all it took. See, at my alma mater we have traditions. And one of them is throwing our own into a certain fountain when they get engaged.

Well, Lydia didn't throw me. For one, I am way bigger than her. For another, she let me roll my pants up, and then she gave me a good push.

My pants got wet anyway. And it was probably fifty degrees out (farenheit) so walking around with wet pants would put a damper on the day, so we decided our next stop would be going back to Lydia's house (only five minutes away) so I could get out of these wet pants.

As we left the campus, I perched on these roots to reminisce about our mutual friend Sarah.

On a funny note, Lydia saw this plastic decoration which is a replica of an actual tower on campus and was exclaiming it was a new addition... and I was like, "No, Lydia. That was always there."


"Yep." So we took her picture by it to remember the funniness that she noticed it for the very first time.

Then we went back to Lydia's house so I could change into something warmer and drier... again she's smaller than me, so her clothes don't really fit me. But we came up with something!

Then, encouraged by my costume-like attire Lydia dressed up too. And we hit the town!

It was a Saturday night, so we figured we could find something to do... we went to a bar that often has live music... but it didn't. We hung around for a few minutes, but it wasn't happening.

So we headed more towards the heart of downtown to go went to go to one place we'd had good times in the past. On the way we spotted this sly but beautiful piece of street art.

We got to the place... only to discover it had gone out of
business! Bummer. Our Nostalgeteur (which was what we were already jokingly calling the evening) wasn't working out as planned...

So I suggested the Coffeebar, but when we got there, they were shutting down for the night. But there were some cool looking people sitting at the outside tables, but when I suggested we talk to them, Lydia was apparently intimidated because they looked "too cool."

So we wandered a little, debating other places to go, but ended up back at the Coffeebar. The cool people were still hanging around. This time we were bold and came up and started talking to them.

It turns out they were playing a game a bit like a combination of charades and telephone. It was super cool.

You start off with a group of people and everyone comes up with a phrase or word and writes it down. Then I think you scramble them up, and then everyone draws a picture of the word or phrase they got...

Then they give that picture to someone else, who writes down a word or phrase to describe what they see in the picture (not knowing what the original was).

Then the next person gets it and has to draw a picture of THAT word or phrase.

And it continues until everyone has engaged with that thing one way or another (there's a lot of drawing and writing going on simultaneously.)

In the end, the final pictures and descriptions are HILARIOUS and barely related to the originals. It's great!

So we played a round or two with them, and we told them about me going off to India to get
married. I think I gave out a copy or two of my business cards, so if any of you are reading this, hi!

I vaguely remember some of their stories, but I remember none of their names and I wish I'd posted this months ago when the details would be fresh. I don't want to post speculative memories.

After that Lydia drove me home, with us laughing and reminiscing on the way. We were being our goofy creative selves in a way we only are together.

It was a great Nostalgeteur!

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