Friday, July 5, 2013

Three Years of Ryan!

One of the very first "in person" pics of Ryan and I!
Today I celebrate my third anniversary of being a couple with Ryan! And of course, our first one

We have decided what we're doing yet. Ryan's thinking a restaurant. I'm thinking we stay in. We probably won't do anything until tonight (it's 7:30ish in the morning as I write this) so we have time to talk it over when Ryan gets home in three hours. Yep, he works night shift, so he will spend most of the day sleeping in.... BUT he took tonight off so we could have a nice time together.

My fourth went pretty well. Ryan's friend unexpectedly wanted to catch breakfast with us, so we had a very American McDonald's breakfast (I had pancakes and a hashbrown.)  Then later Ryan and I bought hot dogs, hot dog buns, corn on the cob and ice cream...

BUT then we went home and went to sleep. And I woke up just enough to make Ryan some food... and then conk out again. So I didn't have my hot dog and corn until the fifth here... but it was still the 4th in America, so that counts right?

I was reminiscing with you yesterday about the 4th of Julys that I spent back in the USA. I mentioned one year Tabitha came with me to see the fireworks, remember? Well that was three years ago. And I lay on my back watching the fireworks and as I left, I called up Ryan. And we got to talking.

We hadn't known each other long, but if you've read our story then you know God pretty much did everything but shine neon signs at each other saying "This is the one" so I was really impatient for Ryan to make us an official couple. So I ended asking him, "So are you going ask?"

He played dumb and was like what do you mean?

Are you going to ask if we can be a couple? I don't really remember if it was that exact wording. But it had Ryan laughing. He thought my impatience was cute. And now, having seen Ryan's friends here in India handle dating I know if I hadn't asked, we'd probably stay in "limbo-not-declaring-we're-a-couple-but-totally-being-a-couple" for months and months and months. But I'm an American, not Indian, so I was wanting to make it official. And Ryan acquiesed and we were officially a couple!

Funnily though, Ryan wanted to temper gossip. So he said we could put on Facebook that we were in a relationship, but not that we were in a relationship. That is, he didn't want us to link our profiles yet. Which personally, I found annoying, but it seemed to matter to him, and he seemed to think it'd make life easier, so we did.

It did not make life easier.

See, I'd gone on like three dates with a guy maybe three weeks before I met Ryan. We'd never been a couple, and both agreed there really wasn't chemistry and parted ways. However, one of those dates was a friend's barbeque so a lot of my friends knew I had seen this guy. And so when I announced, only a little over a month after this barbeque, that I was in a relationship, they all assumed it was this guy I had barely dated.

And after I corrected like the fourth person who was under that misconception I went to Ryan and was like, okay we have to put each other's names on Facebook, now.

He was still grumbling about it, but when I explained that people thought his girlfriend was dating another guy, he went along with it.

Unfortunately, the initial "Pamela is in a relationship" was bigger than the secondary "Pamela is in a relationship with Ryan" and I still had to fend off "No, it's NOT that guy from the barbeque" for the next couple weeks...

So that's your funny story for the day! And now "Pamela is married to Ryan" so yay! Looking forward to my anniversary! Especially since probably soon we won't be celebrating dating anniversaries as we'll focus more on the wedding ones... but... this is also the first anniversary of any sort Ryan and I have gotten to celebrate in person! So that will be lovely.

Hoping you all are having lovely days and for my American countrymen that your fourth was spectacular.

Love to you!

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