Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Prayer for You

I sat down and wrote a lot of a blog post... but then events crept in and it doesn't seem like the
 write subject anymore.

I just want to offer a prayer on my blog for your marriage. Whomever you are. Even if you're not married yet.

I want to pray that if you're married that you will stay married. That your heart and your spouse's heart will be touched by the Lord. Softened towards each other. That grace and mercy shall be regular visitors in your home. That you will know love, not just in the beginning, but through out your marriage. That you shall know it as a friend, and in your marriage know God more, and perhaps for the first time.

I want to pray if you're dating that you will be guided by the Spirit. That you will know when stay, and when to go. I want to pray that you will know Wisdom, and that you will be wise and fear the Lord. I want to pray for you today, for your heart to be strengthened and your mind to be at peace. For you lean on Heavenly arms.

I want to pray for you who will never marry. For the calling of the Lord in your life is so powerful that He alone is enough for you. I want to pray for your strength and the gift of your life. I rejoice that you are in the Body, or will be in it.

I want to pray for you who have known the suffering of the severing of the covenant of marriage. I want to pray that God will make you whole and you will follow Him all of your days. I want to pray for your aching loneliness and for your wisdom that you will not rush into anything. I want to pray that the Lord will fill your cracks so that you come out stronger, not in yourself but because of Him alone.

I want to pray for you who are considering the end of a marriage that befuddles your mind. I want to offer this encouragement: God makes all things new.

I want to pray for you who wrestle with the questions you're not even sure how to ask. I need to pray for you, for your deliverance, that you will bask in the presence of our God.

So I pray for you, every one of you, even if you don't see yourself in any of these. I want to pray for you who are lonely and confused, who are aching and alone, who are wishing for something more to life. I want to assure you, there is always more than this. God is God, and He is always more.

I pray for you all and I pray that today the Lord touches you and shows you of His love, that He knows your heart and gives you what you need.


  1. Thank you for the prayers! Would you please pray for me as I'm struggling with infertility. Please pray that God blesses us with a healthy baby. I want to be a mother more than anything in this world. Please say a special prayer for me! Thank you so much! Caroline

  2. Beautiful post Pamela, I'm featuring you tomorrow :)

  3. This was a beautiful post. Thank you so much for this prayer.

  4. @Caroline- I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I prayed for you as soon as I read your comment the other day, and I'm praying again.

    @Kendra- thank you! I'm looking forward to checking it out.

    @Judith- and thank you for your kind words!


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