Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Last night, as I was going to sleep, Ryan was looking at some news on his phone and said, "The US is going to war with Syria."

"What?" I said. Not that I was extremely surprised, as I'd seen the news of the Syrian atrocities including the recent use of chemical weapons.

"Yes, the US... and Israel, France, . They've said they'll attack Syria by the end of the week."

I laid back down on the pillow and murmured, "Damascus."


"There's a prophecy in the Bible about the fall of Damascus. It's one of the few prophecies that hasn't happened yet. It's probably coming true."

Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city

    and will become a heap of ruins.
The cities of Aroer are deserted;
    they will be for flocks,
    which will lie down, and none will make them afraid.
The fortress will disappear from Ephraim,
    and the kingdom from Damascus;
and the remnant of Syria will be
    like the glory of the children of Israel,
declares the Lord of hosts.
                                   -Isaiah 17: 1-3

I believe the Bible to be true, so I believe this will come to pass. I don't know that it will be soon, but I do know that most Christians I'm talking to are getting a sense of urgency that the second coming of Christ will come soon. Obviously, this prophecy will come true before then.

I am not happy at the idea of Damascus being desolated. My stomach lurches at the idea of the suffering. I pray that perhaps people will flee right now. And as for my brothers and sisters there, that they would ask God for wisdom on whether they should remain where they are or leave... I am sure He will keep some there to proclaim the kingdom until the last day, to give them every chance, knowing His children will be safe regardless.

I normally don't post about such things, but it seemed important to share what the Lord is showing me.

I had actually never noticed this particular prophecy until this last Bible in 90 days. I've read it few a few times, but the Lord had never made this leap out at me. But I remember thinking this past time "Hmm, Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world, right? This prophecy hasn't happened yet."

That was only a few months ago, so when I hear the current news, I can't help but wonder if we're about to see this come true. Maybe not, maybe Damascus as more time.

But I know if I was in Damascus, I would get out if I could, unless the Lord told me otherwise.

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  1. God help us all if this were to come to pass. But my faith is certain in the Lord that He will take care of His devoted followers if the second coming and mass destruction were to come.
    And once again, this US president has to but his nose into things that does not concern us and waste our tax payers dollars on something that most of us do not support. This is just one of the many reasons I am a pacifist and I do NOT support the US military or any wartime support of efforts. I believe in the Lord, family, and then perhaps, country. I especially loathe that so-called 'president' we have in office who was not born on US soil, who is Muslim, and is supplying rebels all over the world with arms and drugs.


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