Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My New Hat and More Kitten Toys {Yarn Along}

Well I had to throw one of the crocheted mice I made. The kittens got it in their litter box.
We bought them some toys, but I thought I should at least replace the one they lost, and while I was at it I tried to think of new toys to make.

They are crazy, my kittens. Princess Panchali has decided she likes to knock stuff down just to watch it fall. Toddlers go through a phase like that too, don't they? She's broken a jar of honey I hadn't even gotten to open yet, and keeps bruising vegetables...

Vex tangled up in one of my tapestries!
Vex has decided he's going to be a world class climber. He's scaling curtains and tapestries all over our house. Princess is right behind him, but he's definitely the leader... and he's getting good at it.

Still, they both are so sweet when they settle down and cuddle, so I suppose it's okay. They are kittens. We will survive.

I've made them three more mice, which they're already playing with.

the mice are like this one... this is a picture I used before, but I figured why take a new one when they look much the same.
Then this week I had some fun making myself a hat. I never work with patterns, so I made it up. I decided, just to be interesting, to make it triangular. I started by crocheting a band for the brim, then did the top of the hat, which is when I decided to make it triangular. Then I did the intervening bit of hat, expanding it until it was the right size to join them.

the hat- after finishing it I realized it's a crocheted version of the old
tri-corned hat

There are different ways to wear it- this is not
a great picture, I did get it to look better when
I first tried it this way, but didn't have my camera

Turned around, which I think is nicely old fashioned in a fun way.

and then, this is probably the most modern and fun.

As far as books go, I've been having fun with free ebooks. Also, I am currently listening to Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, a librivox audiobook version as I go about my daily chores. It makes me much more happy at drudgery type tasks.

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