Friday, August 30, 2013

Your Feedback Desired

Hello wonderful readers!

I recently put a poll up tentatively introducing you to the topic of beginning to vlog once a week. The majority of you gave positive feedback to the subject.

My fifth blogoversary is coming up and I've decided to do the inaugural vlog on that occasion.

One of the interesting things about vlogging is getting to see more of the person behind the blog, so I was thinking I'd ask you all for questions you'd like me to answer. If it's thought provoking enough, it may even turn into a vlog of its own, but even if it's just a small question, I'd like to have a chance to delve deeper with you all speaking you face to computer, instead of just computer to computer. It's nearly as close to face to face as I can get.

So please comment or email me your questions.

In addition, I'd love any comments you'd have about anything else about the blog. After five years of blogging, I think I've proven I'm pretty serious about this pastime. And just like a person, I want to keep my blog dynamic by always growing and changing it, while staying true to its core identity. So if you have any feedback about anything regarding the blog  let me know. Design, layout, types of posts, the different pages, anything. Let me know your thoughts, as they might help me brainstorm better ways to improve the Songs on the Way.

Thanks so much for considering taking a moment or two to respond to me in any way at all. Seriously. It's very flattering, as I know your time and energy is just as valuable as anyone's, and I appreciate it.


  1. You could talk about why you blog.

  2. Please keep blogging and being a blessing to us... I know shifting to India, then getting married has taken a toll on you. But I expect in coming days you will come back with you interesting intimate deep knowledge of God's Word and His love....
    Thanks for pouring your heart here....
    Always looking forward, your loving brother and friend Shushant

  3. Please continue to tie up the "loose ends" of your story over the past months or years... you never wrote part two of you honeymoon story :)

  4. You all will pleased to know, I hope, I took all you said into account when I just recorded my vlog, to be published tomorrow.


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