Sunday, September 22, 2013


I was wiped out by the feverish illness, and I wasn't getting better. So on Wednesday Ryan and I went to the doctor to see what was going on...

It was probably dengue fever, he declared. And 24 hours later the blood results came back and confirmed the diagnosis.

I had splotchy skin all over me, which is a bad sign. I was chided for taking ibuprofen to lower my fever... not an issue for other fevers, but bad news for dengue. Dengue affects the blood and can turn hemorrhagic if the platelet count gets too low and NSAIDs like ibuprofen thin the blood some.

But my platelet count was on the high side of low. That is, it was lower than a healthy persons's but still pretty high for dengue. My white blood cell count, however, was on the floor, which meant my infection was bad.

So I had to test again the next day.

When that came back on Friday it showed both platelet and white blood cell counts improving. Platelets were now on the low side of normal. Due to that, the doctor said I didn't need to test again until today.

It's been over a week since the initial fever and I'm moving from the fever/myalgia phase of the illness into just generally weak phase. My temp was still a little high last night, but also low... my normal body temperature is in the 97s, and it was 98 something last time I tested. So not really a fever, but high for me.  I've seen in "normal" once since this all started, but it's been in the 98s a lot. The first few days it didn't go under 100 though.

I am very weak. I haven't even thought about writing on my blog until now, and I'm not going to promise I'll write everyday. But I'm giving you an update, because I realized it's been more than a week... which is crazy.

But this week has been a blur. Dengue consumed it all.


  1. Oh no!! Dengue is rough! For a while we had a lot of cases going around in my city--spraying for mosquitos seemed to help that, but many people ended up in the hospital! Hope the rest of your recovery goes by quickly!

  2. Yikes! Dengue fever is bad. A family member got it once. I'm glad you're in the recovery stages. Take it easy. Feel better!

  3. Identifying with you due to my recent illness and sending thoughts and prayers your way and hoping you feel better soon.

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