Friday, September 13, 2013

Thanks: Why I do 'Thanks'

A weekly thankful post is an important part of my blog. An attitude of thanksgiving is key to living in
Christ, and I feel the difference when I miss my thanksgiving post...

So I know I haven't really posted a lot this week. And something in me is thinking "if you post a thanks post, which seems like a cop out, then people will just be like 'really? I want some real content.'"

Yeah, I need to not listen to that voice. Because I personally know when I have forgotten to do the thanks posts. When I have ceased to stop my week to bring praise to God through gratitude... my blog suffers. I suffer. Ideas for post start stalling out in my brain. My writing suffers. 

But when I take the time to right an easy post to Him, a post giving Him the credit, a post of thankfulness... 

It flows.

So I don't just write these thanks posts because they're cute or easy. I don't write them for pageviews. There's a purpose. There's something bigger behind it.

So for that nagging voice in my head, and for you so you can see behind the mind that chooses to include this in my weekly posts, for the health of my spirit and my blog, and for God:

Let's give thanks.

Thank you God that today I have gotten my 100,000th pageview.

Thank you God that I have been blogging for over five years.

Thank you God that I got sleep last night.

Thank you God for my husband.

Thank you God for this apartment.

Thank you God for my kittens.

Thank you for facebook and the friends I get to keep up with through there.

Thank you for social media. Help me to keep it from taking over my life, but I thank you dearly it's in my life, for as any blogger knows it's an essential part of this work.

Thank you for opportunities to lean on You.

Thank you for the longing for fellowship and companionship.

Thank you for the differences in men and women.

Thank you for the Bible and the Bible study materials you've given me that I've been using recently.

Thank you for my washing machine.

Thank you for laughter.

Thank you for beans and all the stuff you can make out of them.

Thank you for answering our prayers.

Thank you for loving us.

Thank you for being you.

What are you thankful for? Join me in thanking God on your blog or in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for this post ;)... I was really inspired and i think I'm going to start my own version of thankful Thursdays in my journal


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