Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Appointment

First I was trying to figure out how far along I was. When we'd made the appointment, we didn't really know and guessed but told her I had PCOS and would probably need an ultrasound to find out. I'd actually been told this by doctor's before. That is, that if I ever got pregnant, I would definitely need an ultrasound to find out because I have such a history of irregular periods.

Actually I'd had a "one day" period during my dengue fever that I had thought was light and shortened due to being so ill, but now obviously I realized it was spotting. And thinking of it as spotting, I looked up when implantation bleeding happens (around 4 weeks usually) and that'd make me about 7-8 weeks pregnant. But I also could have just spotted due to the stress of being so sick. I knew I had to be at least 5 weeks to have such a dark line on my pregnancy test, probably further along. So I was guessing I was between 5-8 weeks pregnant.

All the online due date calculators wanted the date of the first day of your last period. I tried to remember when it was, but was having trouble. I'm not one of those organized people who marks it down. Then I recalled I had grumbled about it on facebook chat with a friend and I searched the chat history and got a date... way farther away then I thought.

According to my LMP (last menstrual period) I would have been 10 weeks, 5 days at the first appointment. But we already knew that might be way off, since I have historically irregular periods and women with PCOS can really ovulate at any time, or even not at all (though obviously I had) so the common LMP due date predictors were likely not accurate.. though they could be.

So here I was anywhere from 5-10 weeks pregnant... probably 7-10 weeks I thought. And while it'd been like an electric shock to think I was 10 weeks along, I began to get attached to the idea. Because if I was 10 weeks along, then my miscarriage risk would have already dropped considerably, and a few weeks difference wasn't going to make a huge difference in how prepared we'd be...

So anyway, we went to the doctor. I was very nervous and excited. I'd talked to her on the phone and she'd implied I'd get to have an ultrasound. She also said I'd do a blood test and an exam.

I came with a huge list of my health risks/concerns and questions. She seemed amused by it, but also told me she liked it. I also had important information to give her, like my blood type is negative and Ryan's is positive, I have hypothyroidism, and of course my history of PCOS issues. She seemed impress by how much weight I had lost and gave me a sample diet to follow only said because of my PCOS to substitute less carbs and gave me a caloric goal to aim for... which was sooo much higher than I was used to due to heavy dieting lately that it was hard to fathom eating that much, I admit.

She didn't do an in depth exam, but she did it cursory. She gaves us some prescriptions. Then she asked me if I was fasting. I told her no (it was already 11am I think) and she said she wanted me to do the blood test fasting so gave us the order to get it done another day.

We had to wait and move locations, but we got to do the ultrasound. I've had very unpleasant experiences with transvaginal ultrasounds so I'd asked for a transabdominal one and she had had no problem with that but has just asked I drink a lot of fluid before hand, which I had. I was fit to burst.

I had been TERRIFIED of a miscarriage, which is why we hadn't gone to my old OB GYN who was
our little one's heartbeat, a strong 153
out of town. It hadn't helped that an internet friend had recently had a miscarriage in which she had had  no external signs but had just gone for an ultrasound and found no heartbeat. So I was really nervous about that. Well, we went to do the ultrasound and the image popped up and there was a baby and she was pointing it out and I was like, "Is there a heartbeat?!?"

"Yes, relax Mommy."

And I did. And she flipped a switch or hit a button or something and suddenly we could hear the heartbeat. And Ryan was going, "oh wow, oh wow."

I'd already been feeling symptoms. That's why I had taken the test. So while I was nervous about miscarriage, I was 100% I was pregnant. I could feel the difference in my body, plus we'd gotten two positives and I knew false positives are extremely rare. But Ryan had convinced himself that there was a chance the positives might be errors and my symptoms were in my head... but now he knew without a doubt he was really going to be a dad!

Our "little blob"
From then on my head I was calling the baby, "My little blob." Because at 7 weeks, 2 days, which was how big our little blob was measuring, we couldn't really see any details on he/she. But that heartbeat was a good strong beat for his/her age.

I was a little disappointed not to be 10 weeks a long, as I saw it as three less weeks to worry. BUT that made the bleeding during dengue implantation bleeding. And if I was only just implanting during the dengue, and the baby had obviously survived, I doubted that it was big enough for the dengue to have had any lasting impact on it or its health. Which was good, and consistent with what I'd read. In the first trimester dengue either causes miscarriage or it doesn't, and doesn't really have any other big effect.

We went home and Ryan was back in shock. I was glowing. I looked at the sample diet she gave us... and laughed because it was nonsense to me. lol. That is, it was a bunch of Indian foods I'd never heard of... and I had thought I knew lots of Indian by now! Ryan tried to tell me what some of it was, but he was shrugging at some of it as well. I decided since I had been nearly eating half of what the new recommended calorie dosages were, I'd just focus on eating more and trying to eat healthy. I figured come the second trimester I'd try to keep track of my calorie intake to make sure I was both eating enough and not eating too much, since despite my weight loss I'm still firmly in the "obese" category. Until then I wouldn't worry about it.

That's pretty much that story!


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