Monday, November 18, 2013

So Excited!!!!

Today Lydia arrives!!!!!

I moved to India almost a year ago, and she'll be the first person from home I'll have seen in that time. She's bringing me a ton of goodies from family and friends and of course, she's bringing her company! It's going to be SO GOOD to see her!! She'll be here for me through Thanksgiving.

Additionally, I'm 12 weeks pregnant today! They say 12 weeks is when your risk of miscarriage goes way down, though it's been steadily dropping. There's never no risk, but it's good to know it's really low now.

We're off to the airport to pick up Lydia. Her visit may inspire a bunch of posts, or it may keep me too busy, I'm not sure... we'll see...



  1. Enjoy your visit with Lydia and tell her that I said hello!

  2. Rejoicing with you! Enjoy your time with Lydia!


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