Monday, December 9, 2013

14 Week Summary

Oh, this week has been a trying one!

First the life stuff. My great-aunt died this week. Then a few days later a great-uncle by marriage. I didn't know the great-uncle very well, but my mom was certainly pretty close with her aunt and I do have several memories of her though I hadn't seen her in a few years personally, due to distance and all. This means one of my poor great-aunts lost her sister and her husband in the same week. Extremely rough. My grandfather lost his sister and brother-in-law.

I also have had friends with hard times this week. One in particular, my heart is with her. She probably knows who she is, I know she reads at least occasionally.

Also we got Vex neutered... and Princess decided because he didn't smell right when he got back from the vet he was a strange, invading cat who needed to be attacked and chased off. Sigh. His feelings were really hurt, and both cats wailed if we left them alone. They aren't used to being alone at all, because if they aren't with one of us, they are with each other. The only time they are separated is when Vex was trying to hump his sister, really. So they were both very despondent and yowling... when our neighbors... and we... needed to sleep. It's been a rough two days, but as of not that many hours ago, they decided they're friends again.

Friends again.
Blog wise, I actually wrote some deep, thought provoking posts... about 75% of the way. But they were
hard to finish. They just weren't ready. I'm sorry, writing is harder than normal lately, and I don't really want to give you horrible posts just to fill space.

Now pregnancy wise, I'm in the second trimester now, right? So my symptoms should be lessening?

Please tell my body this. Sigh

This week has been a very bad one, symptom wise, especially yesterday. I was bedridden with nausea, gas, indigestion, a bad headache (my second this week), and "pregnancy rhinitis". UGH. I literally could not even *think* about cooking. I was talking to Ryan and he suggested just heating up hot dogs in the microwave since that takes just seconds and I said, "I guess I could try ho-UGHHHHH" and was gagging, unable to finish the word. Pregnancy nausea is SO WEIRD. I keep gagging at the mention or thought or smell or sight of food. No warning. It's like less than a micro-second reaction.

Fruit and sugary beverages are my friend. They are the only thing I can guarantee to be able to handle, and sugary beverages (Tang is my LIFESAVER) alone seem to soothe the nausea. Yesterday I had run out of Tang, which is why it was so crippling. Hero hubby brought home Sprite when he got off work (in the middle of the night, since he works night shift) and I was able to, sipping it, get well enough to make a simple meal which sustained me. Until then I'd eaten nothing but fruit and a PB&J.

Sandwiches and cereal are pretty much making up the rest of my diet. I did have spaghetti on Friday and it was MAGICAL... but I finished it off.

Most everything else just sounds too awful to contemplate... or too complicated to make. My nausea comes on with no warning, so if it takes more than 5 minutes to prepare, it's pretty much off the table because if I get nausea say two minutes into making a 5 minute prep time item, I'm probably going to be able to finish making it. But if it hits two minutes into making a thirty minute prep time meal, that's that. I'm done. No food. And the thing about pregnancy nausea is if you dont' eat, it just gets worse. So I *have* to have food. Grrr.

I am SO HOPING that maybe week 15 will bring the typical "I feel great in the second trimester" stuff...

Okay, now the most exciting thing about week 14 is... I got my second ultrasound!!

Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures to share with you. For some reason my doctor won't give us the photos right away, instead she asks us to come back at the end of the day to pick up the report. Her office is across the street from my father-in-law's, so he picked it up for us, but we just didn't meet up with them this weekend. Once I get them I'll scan them in and share, but I don't have them today.

Baby is right on schedule though, looking fine. No "malformations" detected, heartbeat a normal rate, and we ended up getting to see him/her do a wiggly dance. I don't have any of those cute profile where you can see the outline of the face, he/she wouldn't cooperate, but it was great seeing him/her. I was especially enchanted at the wiggly dance-- he/she stretched out all four limbs, then wiggled them around fiercely. Melted me, since I could suddenly blow up the image in my mind and picture my baby.

Speaking of images, they have a 4D ultrasound and they tried to turn it on for us... but honestly, I couldn't see anything. I think they were too close to their placenta, because the tech was outlining the face and trying to have us see it, but it was in the middle of two blobs and well, I just couldn't see it. He said though it's really just too early for a good 4D scan, that the baby is too small to really pick out details... but next scan we'll get some good shots. Our next one is the 20 week anatomy scan, in January!

Sorry this post is practically image free, but I am bad at thinking of taking belly shots. I don't, however, see myself as one of the women who NEEDS a shot from every week of pregnancy. Not that it wouldn't be cute, but truth is as long as I have a few shots here and there of me pregnant, I think that'll be enough to look back on. Plus I'll have these blog posts. Maybe it's because when I was a toddler my parents house burned down, so I never saw more than like maybe one picture of my mom pregnant with me (and just a half dozen infant photos of me) it just doesn't seem that important. Still, I keep thinking I should do it... but if I took one right this minute it'd be for 15 weeks anyway!

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