Monday, December 16, 2013

15 Week Summary

Wow, I can't believe I am 16 weeks today! That seems really far along! As of today my baby is around the size of an avocado. However, this is a summary of this past week, week 15, when the baby was around the size of an apple or orange.

I am really bummed. I was thrilled to get the hard copy of my 14 week ultrasound pictures to scan into the computer to share... but there's not a good picture amongst them! Even though our little baby was quite cute on the ultrasound, apparently the tech only snapped the technical shots needed. So unless you're interested in his/her femur bone, cranial diameter, or my anterior placenta it's just not exciting. I'm guessing in India parents aren't as apt to want the pics for social media or posterity, so they don't bother to record the cute ones? I'm definitely specifically requesting the cute ones at my 20 week, but that won't be until mid January. So sorry for the lack of pictures, but honestly, they'd be boring anyway.

Okay, symptoms!

The nausea and gag reflex lessened tremendously! Monday and Tuesday weren't great, but since then it's been almost entirely gone!

Consequently I've been able to eat more, and I'm right about the weight I was at when I found out I was pregnant, I had been losing up until now. I haven't really gained yet, and I'm not sure when I should count the gain starting anyway. Is it pre-conception weight or just pre-finding-out-I-was-pregnant weight? As I was actively dieting, if it's pre-conception I have like another ten pounds to go before I'm back to where I was.

Really I need to be tracking calories and exercising now. I discovered a new strange symptom. It's a dizzy wooziness that feels different from the other dizziness I was feeling before. I've only had it one day, Friday I think, but basically I figured out it meant "You need get up and be active."

Ah, pregnancy. Nausea means "you're hungry, eat" and woozy dizziness means "get up and be active." You are SO WEIRD!

Otherwise, I'm just a little fatigued again. Not much, just sleeping ten hours when I would be eight. Nothing that really affects my day much, as I don't have a job. I did feel a little down today, which was probably mood swings, but might also be seasonal affectiveness disorder since it's winter and I have that.

I haven't really had other symptoms this week, I think. So far this week I've probably felt the best... if not during the whole pregnancy (and maybe, though Monday was rough) then at least since week 12, which was also pretty good.

Oh, one thing new is Saturday my belly felt heavy when I was turning from side to side. It was disconcerting and made me realize how very uncomfortable I will be later! Bump wise I really don't think I look much different from what I did when I last took a picture at 13 weeks. That being said, I can feel a difference. If I lie on my back, which is becoming more uncomfortable to do so I'm struggling not to do it as I'm naturally a back sleeper, I can feel the baby. Not him/her kicking yet, but like if I put my hand on my abdomen I can feel the lump that is the uterus/baby. I can't do that yet if I'm standing up or on my side, due to my generous padding and the fact that I have a very large torso, so it's not taking up a significant portion of it yet, but I can feel him/her when I lay down on my back. visually I don't think my bump is looking very different, but it's definitely feeling more heavy and more solid. I think my digestion is getting more normal, so there's less bloat and more baby, but it's roughly the same size.

On one hand I'll be very happy when I look pregnant, as baby bumps are cute, at the other hand I figure the longer before I pop the longer I can wear my old clothes and also the less huge I'm likely to get before my due date, which hopefully means the more comfortable. So while I'd be happy if I'd already popped I'm telling myself it's probably just as well it's not happened yet. If I pull up my shirt, I can see a slight difference, but with clothes on, it's negligible. Basically it boils down to me looking the same as I did pre-pregnancy, when my gut was relaxed "out" even when my gut is "sucked in". So it's a difference, but not a huge one.

I should be "popping" soon, most first time moms pop between 16-22 weeks, I think, depending on a lot of factors, like height and build of the mother. As I mentioned before, my torso is very long, disproportionately long compared to my height actually (I have short legs and a long torso) so that means the baby has a lot of room to grow up into my torso before he/she is forced to go too far out. However, since my uterus is tilted slightly forward, maybe it won't work like that and they'll pop out soon. We'll see.

As I mentioned above, I have an anterior placenta. I'm not a doctor so I don't know much about it, but I have heard that means I won't be able to feel the baby as quickly as if I had a posterior placement. Add to that that it's my first and it'll probably be a few more weeks before I can register his/her kicks, sadly. Most people can feel them by 20 weeks though, so probably not much more than another month. Maybe it'll be a Christmas present??

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