Monday, December 23, 2013

16 Week Summary

This week was great!

My nausea was down, my energy was up, I was pretty sure that my second trimester feel goodness was here! Oh and the baby was an avocado I think...

Then I think on Wednesday night I was lying in bed and turned from lying on my left to lying on my right
and I felt a little "flip" feeling in me.

Was that the baby? Maybe...

Thursday morning I was lying down fooling around on my phone when I felt it again, out of nowhere. Hmm... it could be!

Then on Friday I had that nauseous episode I mentioned in the overheated grocery store and it made me wonder if maybe my feeling good-ness is really because it's gotten colder, not because of my stage of pregnancy, so if it heats up for a few days I'd be back to being sick? We did a lot of walking, going to the grocery store and all that, and then we went to the Christmas party. We got home at 10 or 11pm, I think, and went to bed fairly right away...

Me on Wednesday I think?
This is actually the first real "just to be
a bump picture" picture I've taken. As
you can see I've still not really "popped",
though I'm definitely thicker around the
middle. I've got a very long torso,
am overweight, and am a first time mom
though, so that's all reasons mamas
commonly don't show until later. Still
I can see a difference... no one else
seems to though! lol
I sort of woke up at noon. I did wake up a bit earlier here and there, with Ryan making noise because he was up, but I didn't actually leave the bed until around noon. I had a bowl of granola and was up about an hour when Ryan, who as I said hadn't slept so much was going to bed to take a nap before he had to be at work. He's working 5pm to 2am on the weekends now, 7-4am on Monday through Wednesday, and then his weekend is Thursday-Friday (that's been his schedule all of December, but I admit it's confusing me. Usually his hours are the same five days straight, and at least one of his 'weekend' day is actually on the weekend, so this is majorly disorienting.) Anyway, he asked me to come cuddle him a little while before he goes to sleep.

Yeah, we're uber cute like that. We both like to cuddle to get sleepier. Cuddling is a huge part of our marriage. In fact, if I got a day without cuddling Ryan, I get irritable I've noticed. We generally cuddle at least 15 minutes a day, a lot of days longer. We're apparently oxytocin addicts. Haha.

Anyway, I came to cuddle him... and got sleepy. I was a bit like, "Really?!" at myself, but shrugged it off and snuggled into the covers and fell asleep. When he left for work at like 4:30, I stayed in bed and continued to sleep. I woke up at 7:30. I'd woken up a few times here and there over night and all, so I'm not sure actually how many sleeping hours there were, but I know it was a minimum of 16 and probably a maximum of 20. You know what though? I felt great!! Better than I have in ages.

"I'm sleeping off my sleep debt," I told Ryan with a smile when I had fallen asleep one of the times. That, combined with what I'm guessing is pregnancy fatigue.

I did wake up dehydrated though, so I had to guzzle water for the baby's sake.

As you might suspect, I stayed up Saturday night after that. And sometime during the night, after Ryan was home, I was sitting next to him in the living room and broke into a big smile. "Ryan!"


"I felt the baby kick!!" It was like tap tap... tap tap tap... tap tap. It sort of felt like a pulse, only stronger and more concentrated. It was also coming from the side I knew the baby was hanging out on the moment. It was also confirmation that it must have been the baby I'd felt flip before.

I can feel the baby from the outside now too. Because of my extra padding, not so much if I'm standing up, but if I lie down on my back and reach my hands on my belly I can feel the hard and unmistakeable bump that is the baby. On Friday/Saturday he or she was hanging out on my left side, which where the kicking happened. When I went to bed Saturday afternoon, he or she had moved to my middle, just below my belly button. When I woke up in the middle of night, he or she had moved to my far right. When I got up today, he or she is between my belly button and the far right. So my baby likes to move around!

When Ryan came to bed after getting home last night, I told him about the baby moving and he said that was great. I was smiling and said, "It's alive! It's really alive!" He chuckled and hugged me tight and said, "Of course it's alive!"

I think at this point it's a mother thing, but I can tell the parental worry hasn't set in yet for Ryan. But I've had a worry since getting pregnant, strong at sometimes and weak at others, but there, that I'd miscarriage. So feeling the baby move is such a comfort! And knowing I should only feel her/him more and more... how wonderful!

The one "down side" this week (nausea and fatigue aside, I'm used to those by now) is I still haven't gained weight. Obviously I was actively losing weight when I conceived, so when I found out I was actually ten pounds down from when I would have conceived, counting back. But then even though I immediately stopped restricting, I continued to lose another 5 pounds post finding out. I gained them back... then lost some again.

I weighed myself when I woke up on Saturday and I'm two pounds down from when I found out, 12 from when I conceived that means. Sigh. Truth is I can tell. My face is thinner. My collarbone feels much more pronounced, as does my hipbone (I'm still really overweight, so you can't see those two, but I can feel them with my fingers.) It's probably not a big deal. I still have 23 weeks to go, and I know they tell itty bitty moms gaining a pound a week is fine. They told me to only gain 10-15 pounds, so if I started gaining at that rate, I'd exceed it. And they do say you start gaining like crazy in the third trimester. I'm comforted that the baby was perfectly fine at my ultrasound at 14 weeks. Still, I guess I'm worrying about whether I should worry?

I totally bought two bags of tortilla chips and scarfed them down with no guilt. Sure, they're not the best thing for me, but I also figure right now I'm supposed to gain weight so I doubt they'll hurt me very much. I also ate 3 oranges today since I got up and drank 4 glasses of milk. I'm craving milk right now. It is sooo good.

Ryan is off now for the week of Christmas!!! I'm super psyched about that and getting to just spend quality time with him for the next five days.

Okay, that's my 16 week summary! 17 week has begun! Which seems crazy!!


  1. You look so beautiful. I am so excited Baby is moving around! Great that Ryan gets so much time off for Christmas.

  2. I wouldn't worry about gaining weight right now and I wouldn't try to force weight gain. Just eat healthy amounts and, if you're not limited by nausea, try to make the food nutritious. I lost weight due to hyperemesis and didn't actually start to gain any weight until week 25. You have plenty of time to gain weight.

  3. Hi Pam! I'm part of the IN board on GBCN. I live in London, but my DH has family in/around Delhi (including Noida) and in Amritsar. My family lived in Mussorie for a year. I love reading your story. Hope you feel better soon!


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