Monday, December 30, 2013

College Textbooks?

Okay, I need to update you on how my Christmas week went, but I think I'll probably just do a "holiday" post after New Year's Eve. I have a backlog of posts I want to post, and it was an eventful time. 

One thing that we did was go with some of our friends who are students into Delhi when they had to take their end of semester exams for the college. That's a nice segway into talking about college books, right? I'll tell you more about the adventures of that day later, but right now I'll tell you about And hey guess what, if you aren't a student but want to study a subject independently, they also might be someone to consider because you don't currently have to be enrolled in school to rent textbooks from them!

If you are a student about to start the next semester, you may be thinking about acquiring the books you need. One method is renting them, and would love to work with you. I don't think they were around when I was in college, but I honestly probably would have checked them out for non-major courses. (I personally liked to keep the books in my major/minor, but otherwise it didn't matter much to me.)

Already bought your books but need money? Another option is their RentBack program, which lets you rent your book to other students, generally making you 2-4x the amount of money that you'd make by selling back to the campus bookstore. I definitely believe that. I remember once buying a book for $100 at the beginning of the semester and taking it back at the end and them offering me less than $2! I very rarely sold back to the bookstore because I was generally insulted at the prices offered. The cool thing about RentBack is you can rent it out several times over subsequent semesters, which means your book can keep making you money.

You may remember I mentioned CampusBookRentals before, when I did a post for them about their charitable partner, Operation Smile. That is one reason I work with them, they are not only out to benefit themselves but also help children by donating to them with every textbook rented.

I also think that rentals are probably a much more affordable option than the bookstore in this economy, so they are helping the students too. Typically you save 40-90% off bookstore prices. They have flexible rental periods, since not every school is on the same schedule, and you can highlight in the books. They also offer free shipping both ways, which is not to be sneezed at on a student's budget.

So if you're a student, or contemplating going back to school, consider to save or even make some money.

This is a sponsored post, but the opinions in it are mine.

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