Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Goodbye First Trimester

Okay, I've been too behind and too busy to blog weekly through my first trimester, but since this week starts the second I thought I'd do a summary of the first and then do that weekly thing from now on. Maybe.

I found out when I apparently was in my late 6 weeks, having my first ultrasound at 7 weeks 2 days.
I'm using the right as my first belly shot... obviously not showing yet
(According to my ultrasound, that is. My LMP was way off due to my PCOS.)

The chest soreness was one of my warning signs that made me check if I was pregnant, but nearly went away after that. That is, they'd often be more sensitive than they normally are, but not so sensitive as to be considered "sore." A few weeks later though I could visibly see changes.

I was just ultra, ultra fatigued up until 9 weeks. Pretty much a zombie. I experienced fleeting nausea a few times a week then, but not too bad as long as I kept food on my stomach. But if I stood up for more than 5 minutes I'd be too dizzy and need to sit down. So I was basically utterly useless.

At 8 or 9 weeks eating became really hard work. I remember having to force feed myself for a while.

I think around then I also was startled by the suddenly prominent veins.

Then 9 to 11 weeks, the queasiness took over. Nearly constant. I was able to keep from actually throwing up by eating, but even when I ate I almost never wasn't queasy.

Probably 10 plus weeks, the gagging got really bad. I'd just start randomly making horrible hacking noises, sometimes with my whole body just bending over. But with great effort I kept from throwing up. But it's bad. It'd be triggered by smells (like the neighbor's cooking), sights (like food I wasn't eating), or even just words (like when someone asked me "What are you doing for lunch?" and I immediately starting gagging.) Not fun. That one still hasn't gotten better.

Acne: With my PCOS, I've always had an issue with acne... with my pregnancy it's gotten a lot worse. Ah, well. Not great, but since I *have* always had issues with it, it's something I can easily shrug off.

Frequent Urination: It was maybe slightly more frequent from the get go, but just like once more a day. But starting around 11 or 12 weeks it started to get more, I think. Still, I think compared to most pregnant women thus far, not so bad.

Cravings wise: sugar. Well from the time the queasiness came until date. Nothing makes it run away faster than sugar. Especially Tang or Sprite. But even a candy bar helps. That's my ongoing one. I've also had smaller ones for like Doritos, pizza, and burgers. Oh and KFC. And FRENCH FRIES! All junky foods. Most of the cravings don't go away until I've satisfied them.

Aversion wise: lots of meat, most Indian foods, and all Chinese food. But they're fleeting. For example, Ryan's parents took us out for Chinese one night probably week 10. I am not a big Chinese food fan anyway, but I know the items on the menu I can eat, right?... apparently not while I am pregnant. I was trying not to gag at the sight/smell of the food they were eating, and just couldn't handle eating much of what I ordered. But I took it home and put it in the fridge...

Four hours later I was devouring it and it was DELICIOUS.

Temperature control: in the early weeks, I couldn't stay cool. I was burning up... then I'd be cold. Then burning up again. Then the weather changed here into more autumn weather and suddenly I'd be freezing all the time. I'd be lying in the bed under all the covers I could find and pulling the kittens under for their body warmth (Ryan being at work since he works nights) and still be shivering for two hours before I'd finally warm up. Seriously. It was awful. I made Ryan buy a second blanket, we'd only had the one. (I'd put that blanket and like four folded sheets on me.) This went away around week 11 I think.

OH! And the MOOD SWINGS!! Horrible. Ryan can attest to that. Heck, Lydia saw it. (She mainly laughed at me, while I sobbed my heart out or whatever.)

I got my energy back week 11, but the queasiness still had me bed (or chair) ridden. But luckily when Lydia arrived for week 12, both eased up a bit. That was the best week I'd thus far, and I was able to show her around. She went out of town for a day and a half to see another friend elsewhere in India, and I basically just slept the whole time she was gone though, the fatigue coming back. But still, over all, week 12 was good.

Week 13 was the last week of the first trimester.  There's some debate on when the first trimester ends from what I've read, some people saying different days during week 13, others saying the beginning of week 14. I'm just going to go with the beginning of week 14 for ease of summary.

Week 13, Day 3. Obviously a little thicker around the middle, but
not screaming "that's a baby bump!" yet. Haha.

Lydia left on the last day of week 13, so she just missed my second trimester. I really pushed myself that last week. On the Wednesday of that week we did Agra, which was a crazy day I'll blog about later. The next day was Thanksgiving, where again I did a lot, and then ate rich foods.

So Friday, which was 13 weeks 5 days, I threw up for the first time. I tried the tricks to stave off nausea that had worked before... they failed me.

That was basically my send off from the first trimester. I continued to struggle with queasiness, but also food aversions which made it really hard to try the "keep your stomach full" trick.

Next week, once it's complete, I'll summarize week 14!


  1. Oh my.....
    Sounds a lot like me :) Although I don't let myself gag. The puking happened once without warning on a day that I actually felt fine. lol

    So far I'm the same way as you though, keeping food in my belly helps a lot, but the nausea is always there. fortunately I'm still able to keep working, but I think a lot of that is due to my prenatals, when I forget them more than twice in a row, I am the worst! No energy and absolutely NO brain ;)

    I do wish fb would show me the posts I really want to see from people. I honestly have not seen your posts in a long time. :( Hence how I missed your fun news.

  2. Yeah, the gag reflex is literally a reflex for me-- it's 100% out of my control. I have no warning before it comes to try to control it. Sigh.


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