Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Novel Update

A friend of mine just asked me about how the novel was coming along and reminded me to update you guys!

For those of you who don't know, I'm writing an ebook novel that was due to come out in January 2014. I have reset that schedule. First I caught dengue and could barely lift my head, then I took "so long recovering from it"... and found out I was pregnant! At that point, I realized that life was getting a lot more complicated and decided to reset my deadline... to prior to the baby's arrival. I am due in June, so that'd be latest.

The main reason for this adjustment is just I really haven't felt healthy since before the dengue. I don't have the energy to write and my other responsibilities in any ferocious manner. I told myself also at the time to write if I felt like it, but otherwise not force myself until after Lydia's visit...

Lydia's left now, so I really need to get myself on a writing schedule though!

By the way, while January had been a optimistic deadline, June is a pessimistic one. That is, I totally really plan on finishing in the spring, but June is the absolute latest. I want to publish it prior to the baby's arrival so when he/she comes I can focus solely on him/her!

Also, I think it'll be cool to tell them, "Your mom is an author!"

When I have the first draft completed and start the revision/editing process, I'll set a firmer deadline and keep you informed. On my initial schedule, that would have been by the New Year, but more realistically it'll be probably end of February or March.

I'd love prayers that God works through me. I don't really want to write this without Him! So if it adjust again, hopefully it's His Will.

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