Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Submitting the Blog to God, Again

Generally this time of year, I write a reflective post on the past year. However, I kind of did that not that long ago with my post One Year Ago on my anniversary of moving to India.

Instead today I'm submitting my blog to God again.

I think it has to become an intentional practice in most Christian's life to re-submit ourselves to Him, again and again. We're too apt to pick the reigns of our own life back up and try to steer it where we *think* He's leading us, instead of submitting to His guidance and realize we're not the architects of this life we're living. I know I do it all the time.

I've been spending time this past week or two trying to organize my life. It's gotten bad. It's a mess. I mean, my life isn't bad. My organization is. My house is a mess. Spiritually, I feel weak. I'm trying with the blog, but I just keep doing less than I thought I would.

So I was just sitting here, writing a list of goals and stuff I want to accomplish and suddenly I realized God was a sidenote on it. I hadn't prayed. I was just running ahead of him again. Here I am, trying to map out a system for the next six months, sort of (until baby Berkeley makes an appearance... if I can find something that works that long) and I'm not even praying? Where is my mind?!

So I stopped and repented and then asked God to help. Truth is I'm laughing at myself. Oh, I'm ridiculous, I keep falling into the same silly traps over and over.

Before I stopped and submitted my 'what I want to accomplish' with my blog list was something like:

  • write more about the Lord
  • network
  • streamline commitments and keep them consistently
  • write better content

Nothing wrong with that, right? But my list after praying is much, much better:

  • Have a better sense of humor about it
  • Let God guide my writing
  • Touch more lives
  • Be more obedient (sometimes God prompts a post and I put it on the back burner)
  • Sort out me from Him 
  • Be JOYFUL about blogging
  • Be courageous (there are so many posts I've shied away from...)
  • Be hopeful
  • Let Him guide my networking to the people He wants me to work with and impact
  • Let God guide my commitments and submit them to Him
  • Remember it's not my blog anyway, and keep that forefront in my mind as I approach it.
  • Not to get caught up and stressed out in 'failures' as only He knows what I was supposed to accomplish in the task anyway!

Yes, that's much better, yes?

Happy New Year and here's to another year of blogging, that is, as God gives us...

(I've not forgotten about posting a pregnancy update, I was in the midst of it yesterday when my internet went out for hours. I'll get it up in a day or two. I wanted to write this before the year ended though. :) )


  1. Thank you for a wonderful year of entertaining, thoughtful, colourful and culturally diverse blogposts. Don't stress yourself on not getting enough done. Things do not need to be perfect all the time.

  2. Aw, thank you!! That really means a lot to me. :)

  3. Thanks for the reminder. It truly is easy to forget and take the reins ourselves like you said. I often struggle with that. Perfect post to start the new year.


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