Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weather and Wildlife Snapshot

My family and friends America are facing this countdown to Christmas time of year typically with snow or frost... at least some bare trees and dead grass.

Here in Gurgaon, the winter has also come... in the form of a thick, wet fog. It's making our electricity do weird stuff as it finds its way into wires. Ryan says when he was coming off his night shift he saw cars run into poles.

View off my balcony a few minutes ago, after the cows
ambled off. This is well after the fog has lifted.
I haven't actually taken a picture of the fog, which has just rolled in the last few days, and lifts by late morning. It's in the seventies during the day still, but at night is getting into the high 40s, which is pretty cold, especially considering Ryan and I have decided to tough the winter out without a heater, so that means it's just like 50 degrees inside. I'm layering up.

The fog is like intense dew on everything outside. I should have taken in my clothes that were on the line before the fog rolled in, as they would have been try yesterday evening. But instead at 1:45pm the next day some of them are still wet. The more absorbent pieces are wet, while other items from the exact same wash load are bone dry next to them. It was sort of strange, taking them in a minute ago.

Right now it's sunny and nice outside and if you're not used to India you wouldn't assume it was winter at all. Actually last year I remember some loss of leaves, but I'm not really seeing it this year. We moved in the summer though, so it might just be the trees I can see from my balcony are mainly evergreens. I'm not familiar enough with the local botany to know one from the other.

I saw a funny scene play out while I was taking in the clothes that had managed to re-dry post fog. One of the many street dogs suddenly leapt up, barking furiously. His pack mates lifted their head, unsure of what he was making a fuss about. I looked in the direction he was looking and at first nothing was apparent.

Suddenly I realized what was going on it. A street cow had a street calf, and while the cows and the dogs generally ignore each other, this dog was thinking the calf was some sort of dog sized invader.

His pack mates roused themselves, though I think none of them were as convinced of the danger. One approached the calf. I tensed up seeing the mother cow notice and start moving over towards her baby. She had small horns, and I was wondering if I was about to witness a goring and thinking mentally, "Move, dog!!"

The dog did move back, as he'd only halfheartedly approached at the insistence of his louder pack mate anyway. The cow never sped up and I relaxed, realizing she wasn't really on the offensive. She knew she could take the stupid dogs, but was just moving her calf to make sure it stayed safe. They ambled off at a non-hurried pace to another street where the street dogs weren't so foolish as to challenge a half ton mother's baby.

And that's what's going on in my neighborhood today.

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