Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yarn Along!

I found yarn!

It's that time of year again, when I am like "Okay, crochet time." As you may remember, I had been unable to find yarn in India. I mentioned this to my friend Shushant a while back and he was like "Oh, you can get it near my house" but he lives on the other side of town and I hadn't been over there since he said that... well finally a few weeks ago, I went and insisted on going early to get yarn! It was an interesting little yarn shop. Floor to ceiling yarn, but it all was basically the same weight (slight variance, but all much thinner than the normal weight in America) and I think it was all acrylic or acrylic blend. I say think because the labels on it are written in the devangari script of Hindi and I can't read it. Oh well, I got yarn!!
My baby blanket, plus the yarn I bought to make more baby items!

However, I haven't made anything I can show you yet, because I'm working on Christmas presents at the moment. I also picked up some to make something for myself, and picked up some to make baby items for my little baby! If you're stopping by from the yarn along and haven't visited my blog since the last time I linked up, which as been a while since I ran out of yarn and hadn't gotten any new yarn due to the can't find it dilemma, I'm 15 weeks pregnant!!

So instead I'll show you my baby blanket!

The cats literally wouldn't let me take a picture without photo bombing it. I kept chasing them off and they'd jump back in as soon as I clicked it. At least in this one she's not a blur!
I'd actually made this blanket last year. I had just finished making baby blankets for a friend and felt like the Lord was telling me to make another, since I had enough yarn left. So I did, praying for the unknown person to get it. Then another friend announced her pregnancy so I assumed it was for her and left it with my mom and told her about it and told her to get it from my mom... but they never met up. So when my mom was sending me baby things via my friend Lydia who just visited she was like "I'm going to send you this blanket, because your friend never got it and I think it should be for your baby."

And you know what? I think she was right. I think God always meant it to be for my baby. :) If the friend who didn't get it wants one, maybe I can make her baby a blanket for the next time I come home. But this one is my baby's now! Haha.

As far as books go, right now I'm just working on books like "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

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