Saturday, January 4, 2014

17 Week Summary

Okay I've been working on this post for days. I'm not sure why it's hard to write!

In week 17 the symptoms had chilled out pretty much, and I was enjoying feeling the baby more here and there.

One notable story was that I lay down in bed and felt my belly, where I normally could feel the lump
that is the baby. This time though I couldn't really find it, but didn't panic as I theorized the baby might have been hanging out more in the back of my uterus. Then I was occupying myself for twenty minutes or so, when I felt movement. I reached down and there the baby was! That was total confirmation as to what the stuff I'm feeling was.

Week 17 was of course Christmas week, which was mad crazy with activity. I know I owe you write up.

Oh, another special moment was when after Christmas lunch everything was dying down. We were at Ryan's parents house, and were having some quiet before going home. I was sitting on the couch and the baby started moving around for the first time that day, or at least the first that I'd noticed. I smiled and it was nice, it was like a private secret just between me and the baby.

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet week, pregnancy wise... oh! The day after Christmas Ryan and I walked a very long distance and towards the end I was finding myself walking with pregnancy posture, which was really strange because I'm not really showing yet. I thought women walked that way due to their large bellies, which is probably in part true, but I think it's also the ligaments in my hips are widening and changing up what is comfortable when it comes to walking that much!

Picture wise I don't really have anything for you, the only pictures from Christmas I'm aware of I'm wearing my wool coat and you can't see anything. But for your viewing pleasure here's a cute picture of my cats.

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