Tuesday, January 28, 2014

21 Week Summary

I'm currently 22 weeks, so that means it's time for the 21 week summary.
21 weeks 6 days

When I weighed myself this week I was down another half pound. Yeah, I freaked out. How does someone halfway through their pregnancy not just weigh less than when they found out, but it be a current loss? (There are tons of women who lose a ton from morning sickness and aren't back yet, but that's not my story.) I was freaking out so I did what I often do when I'm freaking out: research. Actually first I tried to call my doctor but got a busy signal and when Ryan found out I was calling my doctor over half a pound he was like seriously? Stop it. So I turned to the internet... and found comfort. 

First off, there's been studies linking obese women who lost or didn't gain weight with a significant reduction in chances of not getting gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia. So that's good. Doctors aren't ready to advocate weight loss during pregnancy due to the risk of the baby having a low birth weight, but these studies also come from looking at the health records retrospectively. That is, they took information from health records on women whose pregnancies were over, not monitoring currently pregnant women. I actually found that encouraging because while correlation doesn't equal causation I think the fact that I'm not trying to lose weight and I may be fitting in that demographic and that demographic had statistically less complicated pregnancies than other obese women is a good sign.

Additionally my theory that it's the cold causing me to lose the weight possibly was supported by a recent news article found here.

Those facts relieved my fears and even encouraged me to work out a bit. I had felt too lousy until the nausea went away to work out (it left at 16 1/2 weeks) and then really I was sort of lazy.. until two weeks ago I started randomly losing. Then I was sort of scared because did I need to burn extra calories? But all the articles about the obese women I'd mentioned still advocated activity so I purposely went on walks and did squats and leg lifts and recommitted to being active for the rest of the pregnancy, barring complications, in a reasonable way.

Also my bump? Still growing! Since the beginning if I lay on my side I'd measure the belly sticking out by using my hand as a ruler and even though the scale said I'd lost, that definitely indicated a gain in bump so that was good.

Even more exciting? The baby got crazy active starting Friday. It was fabulous. I think maybe it's with the uterus growing there's more uterus that's not being muffled by the anterior placenta combined with the baby getting bigger and stronger. Up until Friday my most active day I'd maybe felt the baby ten times... on Friday I was feeling the baby ten times an hour. It was amazing!

I had a ton of blood tests done that Ryan and I had been procrastinating. We're only awaiting one result (actually they had to retake a sample due to a lab machine error) but every other test result was great. My red and white blood cells were a tiny bit off but didn't seem worrying, otherwise everything was routine. We made our appointment for our anatomy ultrasound... which I had yesterday, the first day of week 22. But since I'm summarizing week 22 you guys have to wait until next week to hear about that!

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