Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cursed Pyrex?

I had three pyrex dishes with lids: the orange medium one is holding corn, the small red one is holding stuffing, and the large red one is holding a turkey casserole in this photo, the last surviving one of the trio.

I had been so happy when I found them in a store this past spring, these three Pyrex dishes. Any American can tell you Pyrex is the preferred type of casserole dish, and as I hoped to bake and am a consummate microwave chef, it was such a find! And yet this photo from Thanksgiving was the last time the Pyrex dishes were at peace. Then a series of tragedies struck..

A day or two later when moving leftovers to the fridge, my friend Lydia got a case of the ailment known as "butterfingers" and dropped the largest one on the marble floor and it shattered. The glass lid survived the massacre.

A few short weeks after after this horrible incident, further tragedy struck. I had left the medium one on the counter and Vex, our male kitten, knocked off the lid and it fell again to that darn, cold hearted  marble floor and shattered to smithereens. I was very irritated and upset, primarily because as I told Vex if he was going to run around breaking lids why didn't he break the lid of the big one that was already broken?

I mean, seriously. Use your brain, kitten.

So I had a medium one and a large lid that didn't fit well enough to confidently cook stuff like rice in the microwave. I have a convection microwave, no oven. These three Pyrexes and the glass pie dish shown above are my only real baking dishes. I can't use metal ones in a convection microwave.

But blessedly, the little one was bravely surviving. Good little one, right? It wasn't really large enough to do anything substantial, but it was good for steaming vegetables and other side dishes...

Well today the little one's life abruptly ended.

I was doing dishes and the cabinet I keep the dishes was open from me putting away some plates. My back was turned to, my attention on scrubbing things at the sink. How was I to know the impending doom? It was a sudden but enormous clatter. I spin around to witness the horror, to late to have any hope of stopping it.

Apparently Vex, that enemy of Pyrex, had decided that the open cabinet was too invited to leave alone, so he'd leaped up to the top shelf, where I keep the bake-ware. But instead of landing on the shelf, he'd grabbed the small Pyrex, with it's lid on. It fell down onto the granite counter-top, bounced off, then BAM shattered all over the kitchen floor, the carnage ricocheting into the living room. There were shards of once useful casserole dish as far as the eye could see...

Oh, the humanity! (Oh, the crockery?)

So all I have left is the medium Pyrex... and the large Pyrex lid.

Somehow I suspect their days are numbered... hopefully the glass pie plate has been spared the curse...

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