Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yarn Along

Okay yarn along ladies, I need some inspiration!!

For newcomers, I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first and we won't know the gender until birth. I am thinking I'll crochet stuff for our baby... but I don't know what to make. If I'm making something for someone else's baby it's always been a blanket. I've already made my baby a blanket. This is the yarn I have:

I have the skeins, I don't have the yarn in the blanket. They're acrylic or acrylic blend
(the tags are in Hindi so I can't tell for sure.) There's an equal amount of both colors, the blue/green
is variegated. It's a fairly light weight.
I really only crochet, I haven't knitted in years and didn't bring knitting needles with me. I've never made baby stuff before, I pretty much stick to blankets, scarves, hats, and occasionally branch out on something like my cat toys or other random items like the wreath I made at Christmastime. But I've never actually made a real article of clothing, just accessories.


In book news I've been reading free e-books on my Nook and enjoying it. I recently read an Amish fiction book, and am currently reading a historical Christian romance.

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  1. Try tracing a onesie to get the t shirt size then crocheting ractangles to match sewed together for a top. You can stripe it if desired. Small rectangles can be added for cal/short sleeves. This would be a boatneck.
    small granny squares can be used the same way. If you do the first round in one coler outer round I. Another you get almost polka dots.
    also you can make a rectangle and sew it as a swaddler.
    I have patterns too if you wantthem


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