Tuesday, February 4, 2014

22 Week Summary

22 weeks started out with a bang: our anatomy ultrasound. That's the big one where they check all the organs to make sure they're developing okay. In America that's typically where you find out the gender, but in India that's illegal.

I really, really thought I'd have ultrasound images to share with you this week. They don't let you leave with them that same day but you can pick them up the next day and since that was last Monday I thought I'd have them by now. However, we had my father-in-law pick them up since it's convenient to his office and we haven't seen my in-laws since, so alas you'll have to wait. I also never got around to a bump picture... so I'll give you this mysterious photo which will make sense tomorrow!

my random photo I'll explain tomorrow (really has nothing
to do with the book, but makes it look more appropriate
for this post! Haha.)
Last week I was sharing my fears about my recent weight loss. Well, obviously my ob gyn didn't think there was anything to worry about. "You've lost weight!" she greeted me with a smile. I was a bit startled and told her that I weighed roughly exactly what I did when I had found out I was pregnant, but my bump was growing so I guess I was losing fat?

"A unexpected bonus of being pregnant, I guess," she said cheerfully with a chuckle as she ushered me to the exam table. I then expressed my fears and she got a little more serious and said it was no big deal and with some women they only gain "one or two kilos" and not to worry.

The ultrasound doctor is actually my ob gyn's husband, they're a team, so she turned me over to him. And our baby? Developing perfectly! Measuring just right. Nothing concerning whatsoever. It was enchanting to watch our baby. I would glance over at Ryan and he was smiling too.

We tried to see the baby on the 3D ultrasound. I've seen such amazing pictures from friends and family... our baby just wasn't nearly as clear. Apparently it's because I have an anterior placenta. He told us that we'd never really get to see the baby any clearer on the 3D ultrasound, because of the anterior placenta. Sigh. But obviously in like four and a half months we'll get to see the baby very clearly, after he or she is born! Our doctor still did point out the face to us, and we did smile and let our hearts melt a little, but honestly it was a bit like seeing a face through wax paper. Identifiable as a face, but not as a particular, detailed, individual face.

However in the non-3D setting we could see details. And everything is just perfect. Perfect little baby, perfect little heart and brain and kidneys and legs and spine and all of that. The legs were enchanting, kicking around. They already look so developed! The baby hasn't really put on any fat yet, so I guess they'll be chubbier when he/she makes his/her arrival, but I've seen babies with legs that look just like that! I could envision them so clearly. The other thing that seemed so amazing was the spine. I'm not sure why, but it just had such detail I guess with every perfect little vertebrae I was captivated.

Ryan at one point proclaimed the baby was "looks developed already!" in astonishment and the ultrasound doctor said "It is fully developed!" Of course that's why they do the anatomy scan now. But it's still really amazing to think about it.

After the ultrasound we sat down with the doctor. I gave her my blood test results, which we'd had done at a lab so she hadn't seen them yet. Well everything was perfect. I had actually been worried because my red blood count was a little low, but she laughed at me for being concerned because she said my haemoglobin was better than most men's and I had nothing to worry about.

It's illegal to ask or be told what your baby's gender is, but I confess Ryan and I did keep our eyes peeled and afterwards comparing notes did both agree we did not see any boy parts. However, as I know many people who have the techs themselves give them wrong information and later find out the gender was different and Ryan and I are definitely not ultrasound technicians, we can't rely on that. But we'll see!

This week was momentous pregnancy wise in a few other ways as well. On Saturday, I felt the baby from the outside for the first time! I've been waiting and waiting for that. Actually on Wednesday or so we were cuddling and Ryan was like "was that the baby?!" moving his hand off my belly and I had to tell him no, since I'm pretty sure any movement large enough for him to feel on the outside I'd have felt inside. But then Friday we'd gone to be together and Ryan had *just* fallen asleep and I was laying there with my hand resting on my stomach and I felt the baby move both inside and out! I woke Ryan up asking if he wanted to feel but he groggily told me "later." Haha.

So far that later hasn't come. The baby seems most active when I lay down, and if Ryan and I lay down together then pretty much Ryan zonks out instantly. So basically the baby seems to be kicking hard enough to be felt pretty much only when Ryan's sleeping so far... but as it's only been like two days since I first felt it I'm sure it'll be any time now when Ryan's face gets to light up in wonder!

Also, on Sunday, we picked our boy's name! I am thinking I won't share it on the blog yet, but we hammered that in. Now we just need to pick a girl's name... but I tell you it looks like we're a while away from that. I thought we'd narrowed it down to two, but once we decided on the boy's names Ryan started bringing up new names we hadn't talked about before for girls, so it might be back to the starting gate on that!

So overall, 22 weeks was a huge one!


  1. Eeeee! This is so exciting! I am praying that your second half of pregnancy goes smoothly.

  2. God Bless and Best Wishes !!!
    Take care


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