Tuesday, February 18, 2014

24 Week Summary

(Note: I intend to get Scripture Sunday up as well, our weekend was unusual. Not only was it framed by Valentine's Day and my birthday, Ryan was having a schedule change in the middle of it and everything was thrown off. Catching up now.)

Wow as I write this I am 25 weeks and about to summarize week 24 for you! Crazy how far along that seems...

I'm trying to think of what's new and really I can't. Except feeling the baby higher and stronger, everything is basically the same as last week. Oh, I keep craving chai (tea)! That's a new one. And of course you're not supposed to have a lot of caffeine so I've tried to temper that.

Otherwise things are just progressing. Got Ryan to talk about girl's names and we're *almost* there. As I said last week, we've already gotten a boy's name. We're pretty sure we have the female first name, are working on the middle...

Sadly I logicked through it and realized that I can't tell you the baby's name. So I have to come up with another one for the blog. Why? Well, when I announced I was writing a book I switched my pseudonym of SingingPilgrim for my real name as it seemed silly to hide it as soon you'd see it on my ebook. So consequently if I share our baby's first name with you you'll know their full name and that doesn't quite seem responsible. So like many bloggers I'm going to have to nickname my child on the blog. Not sure what I will call him/her yet but that's another name to pick out! I may not pick it out until the little one is here, so I can know gender and personality and such... we'll see.

This week has been quite busy, but more of life stuff than of baby stuff so I really don't have anything more to update you on for this post. Lazy me didn't even take a bump photo!

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