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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back from the Hospital (Week 25 Summary)

Hi all, I tried to post this earlier but couldn't get it to work. I wrote this Monday.

This will easily serve as my week 25 summary because every other occurrence within the pregnancy is easy overshadowed by the fact that I started bleeding Friday night and rushed to the hospital at 1:30am. I will not be cruel in my story telling though and so shall start by saying that the baby is fine, bleeding has stopped and I have joined the bed rest club.

When I arrived at the hospital we went to the ER and confirmed I was bleeding slightly and gave me clotting factor to stop it and used a doppler to check the baby, whose heart beat was a strong 145... Our little one kicked the doppler! Indeed the whole night our baby was kicking, being a good little one and assuring Mommy that while I wasn't sure what was going on at least I knew he/she was alive and strong. Then they called my ob and admitted me.  They sent me temporarily to L&D for fetal monitoring. Baby was fine, whatever was happening was thus far giving him/her no distress, there was a steady heartbeat between 145-149. They there gave me steroid shots for his/her lungs just in case, a shot to relax my uterus from any contractions and that rh factor shot because my blood type is negative.

Then they wheeled me to my room, not in L&D but in a more general part of the hospital. I go to the restroom and made the relieving discovery that they clotting factor worked and I am no longer bleeding. I gave a urine sample. They then hooked me up to an IV and gave me an antibiotic  then told me to sleep. We were put in a room around 3:30am (got to the hospital around 2am?)

In the morning I got sent for an ultrasound but not as soon as they said it would be... Luckily we had an ultrasound doctor, not a tech, (who wouldn't be allowed to give answers) so he told us that baby was fine, placenta was fine (that had been the leading theory, that there was a rupture or tear) but the cervix had a tiny build up of fluid and was opening up a tiny bit. Less than a centimeter. Probably from infection.

My ob came and consulted the ultrasound and put me on several IV antibiotics for the rest of my hospital stay, oral to take home, and ordered bed rest. I was kept for observation. That afternoon I got scared because there was some blood when I went to the bathroom, but no one else was concerned. Later it was explained to me the little bit of fluid on my cervix *was* blood, so they expected spotting like bleeding because it would come out, but not to be alarmed as long as it was tiny amounts.

I've gotten to hear the heartbeat a ton, between tons of dopplering, the fetal heart monitor and the ultrasound. Mainly been in the 140s, once in the 130s, twice in the 150s. Baby is *fine*. Basically no problem at all with him/her, just my infection and cervix. I'm thinking from my tiny bit open cervix I was about to or had just entered early labor and getting to the hospital when I did kept it from getting any worse.

I am to be on fairly strict bed rest for at least ten days. That's when I see my ob next. Basically only allowed to get up to use the rest room, bathe, and get food. And when I lay down we need to stick something under the mattress so my legs are are raised to take pressure off my cervix. I am thinking from what's implied I will be on bed rest for longer than 10 days, but maybe after that it will switch to a less strict "less than X amount of hours of activity" type? We'll see. But I am glad so far baby is basically unaffected and between the antibiotics and bed rest hopefully my body will stop any threat of not keeping our little one in as long as possible.

I was discharged after about 36 hours and am home now. While I in some ways have little at my disposal to do except be online I also am not allowed to sit at the computer desk, so right now am confined to my phone. Later we may derive a laying down way to access our desk top but only having my phone may mean blogging less, so be warned.

I am on a ton of antibiotics. I am relieved to be home. Prayers our little one stays in!


  1. Glad everything is ok!!! :) Take care of yourself and that sweet baby!!

  2. 1) I've been so out of the loop that I had no idea you were pregnant!! Congratulations!

    2)I'm so glad the baby is okay and I'm glad the hospital took care of you. <3

    And I don't envy you on bed rest. Definitely not as fun as it sounds. But it is worth it. ((HUGS))

  3. It's good to know that both of you are fine. Get a lot of rest. Take care. God bless.

  4. I really enjoy reading your post. I can relate your work to mine before at TheFamily. Thanks for sharing. God BLess!


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