Sunday, March 30, 2014

Feeling Free and Cherishing

Ah, being on modified bed rest is so much freer! It's the psychology of it really, I haven't gotten that much accomplished. I keep getting up to do something and having to sit back down after a few minutes. It's amazing how much stamina you lose from a month of inactivity. Today I'm focusing on laundry and clothing storage.

It feels like I've been staring at stuff that needs unpacking, putting away, and organizing forever... but I realized today it's only been three weeks since we moved. Considering our limitations we've made pretty good progress. We have one big box and one small box to unpack left, and then there's just a bunch of random items that we're not quite sure where they'll go.

Pregnancy wise I'm just really cherishing being pregnant right now. I'm not ready for this baby to come yet, so I'm glad I should have more time. I'm grinning like crazy at all the kicking and wiggling, this baby is getting strong! I'm just cherishing the time right now.

If a pregnancy is supposed to be 40 weeks (though obviously some are shorter, some are longer) I am three-fourths of the way through! So I created this collage to represent it so far:


  1. You look beautiful! It's great to hear that, even with the bed rest and challenges you've faced, you are able to enjoy the pregnancy. God is good!

  2. yes, Enjoy it for sure! The last weeks fly by and suddenly you're knee deep in diapers, laundry and spit-up. But oh so worth it because the next thing you know they're giving sweet hugs and kisses and calling you mommy.


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