Friday, March 21, 2014

Lots of Happenings and Settling In

So much has been going on!

The biggest news is for the first time, I am aunt! My perfect little niece Hannah made her entrance into
the world on Sunday. She was 20.5 inches and 9 pounds 9 oz, born 3 days after her due date. My older sister Beth and the sweet baby are already home and adjusting to the new family dynamic. My mom was able to go up to see her, my other sister already lives in the area, and my dad and I have been avidly looking at photos and hearing from them how all is going. Dad is blessed enough to get to go meet her this upcoming weekend.

I admit it was super hard being on the other side of the world for that, though I comforted myself a little knowing that even if I was in the US I'd be on bed rest still, assuming all else hadn't changed, so I wouldn't be able to go meet Hannah anyway. But still it'd be different knowing we could plan something for after my little one makes his or her arrival, but now I have no idea when I'll get to meet little Hannah, or when my family will get to meet my darling baby.

Bed rest is getting old. It's been like a month now. I'm 29 and a half weeks now, so still have a while to go, hopefully. I am hoping next doctor's visit to have my bed rest significantly modified, but we'll see.

As for moving in, it's still going very slowly. It's getting frustrating to not get to go out and see the neighborhood aside from my window and I know Ryan is getting tired of always having to be the one to run to the store if we need milk or something. We're both getting frayed nerves from the bed rest because Ryan's feeling the weight of having to do everything and I'm feeling the burden of not being allowed to do anything, so we are snapping at each other a bit too much. We're also finding comfort with each other too though.

Tuesday we got to to go on a doctor approved date. Ryan had asked if he could take me to the movies our last appointment and she said yes, as long as I reclined the seat back and we didn't really do anything but the movies. However, the day before (the day after Hannah's arrival) I was contacted by a friend of mine that she was in India. But she was leaving Wednesday morning, so it was basically Tuesday or never. She was staying Delhi, which is just a short metro ride away, so I was hoping she'd come to see me and since our apartment is a bit further out (plus totally not really company ready since Ryan and I have been unpacking at snail's pace with the bed rest) we talked about her meeting us for dinner after our movie. So I was going to fudge on bed rest a little, but the idea was we'd just be sitting down for a meal, so it's not like I was going to go for a long walk or something. And seriously, how often do I get to see someone from America? (The answer is once so far, when Lydia came back in November, so once in over a year.) I was actually telling Ryan it was an answer to prayer, because I had been crying when she messaged me. I was crying because I felt so far away from everything in America, due to Hannah's arrival. So having some of America come to me just seemed so God.

I know I shared this photo last time but I really
haven't been taking pictures and actually I can't
find my camera yet, post-move, so am just using
my phone. So I figured I'd just stick some photo
in here. ;)
However, it didn't happen. She didn't contact me during the movie. I checked my phone during intermission, nothing. Nothing again after the movie. We lingered grabbing some food and ice cream right after, but finally gave up after an hour and went home and went straight to bed. When I woke up after midnight I'd seen she'd contacted me saying sorry, the day had been more hectic then she'd thought... Sigh. Oh well. Still I tell myself it sort of was an answer to prayer anyway in at least it had been an unexpected hope of seeing someone, even if it didn't pan out. Shows me that maybe I'm not as isolated as I feel (especially lately, with the bed rest.)

After we woke up though, Ryan and I spent the rest of the night together, talking and visiting and snuggling. With everything going on we've been doing too much talk about stuff like meals and doctor's appointments and budgeting, and not enough talking about the deep things, like our faith and what kind of parents we want to be and how much we love each other. But we got to talk about those deep things and really that was the best part of our date.

Going on the mall though did show Ryan and I just how far out we were. Ryan didn't google map it, but he had booked the tickets at what he thought was the nearest mall. And you have to understand, Gurgaon is practically nothing but malls. Malls and hospitals. Well we took an auto rickshaw and it took a long time to get there. And since you basically pay by distance, it was nearly as much for the auto ride as a third ticket to the movie. We're going to google map it before the next time we go on outing, see if maybe there really is a nearer one, but we were surprised by how "far out there" we seem... Admittedly, we knew we were moving to a less central location. That's how we got twice the space for the same price! But we were still surprised at the distance. Lots of people we know live very near here, so it doesn't seem like the boonies.

One thing I do like about this neighborhood is how very family friendly it seems. I still have yet to meet a single neighbor, primarily due to almost never leaving the house, but from what I can see there's kids' clothes on almost every single laundry line. I see children riding their bikes up and down the street and I know there's at least three little parks nearby. I can definitely see us staying here a while. And who knows maybe when the baby arrives I can take him/her to the park and make some mom friends? We'll see.

We're chipping away at this moving in thing and hopefully it won't be more than another two weeks or so. I've been sleeping at random times, even more so than normal. I think since I'm not really expelling a lot of physical energy on bed rest my body is getting super confused. Also I'm adjusting to all the new sounds. There's a lot of construction going on, which might be part of the reason our rent is affordable. There's a new house being built almost directly behind ours, that is, probably 100 yards from our bedroom window. So during the day it can be quite deafening with construction equipment. Then out front they're putting in a whole row of one bedroom (or maybe studio? They don't look very big) apartments that are nearly finished. Probably just a few more months for them, but there's always some workers there. That's less noisy though because they're in the details stage, putting in woodwork and tile and electrical wiring and all instead of having cement mixers and other large equipment.

I admit I've been hermitting a bit this week, unintentionally. I'm just not thinking to reach out, I think I've felt isolated. So it's just not really occurring to me to write blog posts or call or text people. But suddenly it's really resonated to me "it's not just been a day or two, you've been nearly MIA for like a week" and I'm trying to get back to people and catch up more on this blog. I think it's mainly just being discombobulated from the move, as well as the bed rest and even my little niece's arrival making everything just so very different from before...

Well God bless and hopefully I'll be writing more from now on.

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