Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I am officially on MODIFIED bed rest!

Whoo hoo!

Basically that means I can do light stuff around the house, but I'm to lie down as soon as I feel any
Me at 30 weeks! (still no mirror, got Ryan
to take it.)
pressure. Still no approval for outings and absolutely no times when I walk a lot.

We went to the doctor yesterday and got my weight and blood pressure checked. I've gained a little and my blood pressure is fine. Then she checked the baby's heartbeat and he or she also is fine. She took me off the anti-bleeding meds and one of the vitamins (E, which I was getting for my own blood health since I was lying around so much while taking a med that could induce clotting) but left me on the rest. So now I'm taking my metformin and thyroid meds, my prenatal, fish oil, and vitamins D and C. That's not nearly as many things to take as it was a few weeks ago.

She's ordered me to go for glucose, thyroid and urine checks and something else too, don't remember, before my next appointment which she said will primarily just be looking at those results and another vitals check. She's scheduled me for another ultrasound at 35 weeks, so in a little over a month. I was also ordered to have less carbs and far more protein.

We asked her if we could do hospital tours. I knew she didn't want me to be up and walking much, but was kind of hoping a hospital tour would be okay because she knows picking a hospital is important and well, I'd be at a hospital should anything go wrong. But she said no, not before 34 weeks, though I can send Ryan. (Yeah, I figured that. We might have to do that, but even when I am sitting next to him like when he's on the phone or something and I ask him to ask someone a question he usually gets it wrong. And if I make him a shopping list he doesn't generally bring the right stuff. So I'm just not certain he'd ask the stuff I'd want asked. But we'll see.)

After the doctor we went grocery shopping as there's stores in the same building. I sat down while Ryan went to the bathroom between the grocery store and meat market, and then we hit the pharmacy for refills before going home. It was probably an additional twenty minutes added on to the doctor's visit, where I had sat the whole time, and I don't think could remotely be said to violate the "light" load the doctor ordered, especially as Ryan did all the carrying of groceries. But when I got home I felt weird. I couldn't think straight and was having trouble conversing like a normal person (turns out it was a slight migraine coming on, which luckily lasted less than hour.) Ryan was eager to have me cook, even though I didn't really feel up to it. I made us quick kebab and bread things, but snack quantity and Ryan wasn't satisfied. So I sighed and felt pressured to make pasta. Ryan helped by washing out the pot and putting the water on to boil.

But when I got up to put the pasta in and heat the oil (we were making some more kebab chunks to add as meatballs, for more protein) it suddenly hit me that I was already overdoing it. I felt pressure and I called to Ryan. He came in and I gave him a thirty second breakdown on how to make kebabs (he'd never done it; ironic because his dad is the one who taught me how lol.) He already knew how to do the pasta, and I went and laid down for ten minutes.

I'm on a bed rest support forum and they had warned me this would happen... but I had hoped they were wrong. But they said that for everyone getting off bed rest they're like "whoo hoo! I'm going to do be able to do stuff now!" and then they try and find they have absolutely no stamina left. Sigh. But as I was telling Ryan at least being put on modified I hopefully can very, very slowly and easily increase my stamina so I won't be this wiped out going into labor.

After ten minutes I got up and went and sat out in the living room to eat the pasta when Ryan served it and we finished watching the television show we were watching. Ryan wanted to start another and I stopped him and was like "No, I need to lay down now." And so I did, and went to bed.

Today all I've done is eaten an orange and some oatmeal, taken my medicines, and worked on the blog. Still I'm hoping in a bit to do some laundry (Ryan doesn't do it everyday, so we're behind again) and see what else I can tackle. But I promise, I'm still taking it easy and will listen to my body like I did last night and lay down if there's need.

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