Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Update! (Week 26/27 summary.)

Okay a lot has happened! Baby is fine and still growing in me though, so nothing that momentous thank
the dear sweet Lord!

Week 26 was basically uneventful except being on bedrest. This was especially sad as Thursday the 27th was our anniversary and we couldn't really do anything special for it. We tried to watch a movie on the computer but apparently Ryan didn't care for it and as I had to lay down on the couch we couldn't really snuggle or anything during it. Then he had to go to work. Still, we talked about the last year and how happy we are to be married to each other. This has been such a crazy year and I was happy to celebrate our first anniversary, even if it wasn't as big as an event as we would have wished for... the week before we'd had a low key birthday celebration for me and we going to do more for our anniversary, but oh well, bed rest made that impossible and the baby is more important.  I finished the courses of medicine I'd been prescribed that Sunday night.

27 weeks, 2 days. Taken as I went from bed to couch, as still
on bed rest. The chaos in the background is indicative of the
packing going on!
My next doctor's appointment was last Tuesday and we were anticipating being able to go from full bedrest to modified bed rest. However, Monday night I had bleeding again. If you don't know why I'm saying again, here is my last post. It was very, very slight though so I just called my doctor and she told me what medicine to take and blessedly, it stopped and I did not have to go to the hospital or anything. I went into see her on Tuesday, as I would have anyway, and she rushed me to an ultrasound to check on how things were down there.

The news is mainly good! My cervix has closed! Yay! That was such a relief!

Baby looks just fine and was measuring right on target. The weight was estimated at a kilogram (2.2 pounds) and the doctor's immense relief at that news made me realize how much she thinks this baby might come early... sobering. But the reason the doctor was relieved is because at that size the baby has a very good chance of survival at a good NICU (and she says no matter what hospital I'd go to if I did go into preterm labor she'd have the baby transferred to this one particular NICU that is the best in the city, as she's seen them save smaller babies there than at any other.)

The cervix appeared to be healing from the infection. There was still a bit of gunk inside, but otherwise it looked good. Which begged the question that had been in my mind since the bleeding had started the night before: if the infection was healed/healing why did I bleed again?

Well apparently the infection has created a "weak point" that will not heal during this pregnancy. So I will be on some form of bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy (I'm hoping that just means until term, so if the baby is still in there then I might have some time to be fully active prior to having a newborn) and for now I am to stay on full bed rest until my next appointment, two weeks from then.

However she did let us modify it a bit. She said I could sit up if I sat at an incline, which had not been permitted before. That is how I am blogging again, I am sitting at an incline right now. Also, I am allowed to cook one simple meal per day. I'm not sure she would have given this permission, but she asked how my nutrition was and I admitted it'd been lacking since I am the cook at home and I couldn't do it. She therefore gave me permission to cook one meal a day but "nothing elaborate" and I am to do any chopping or whatever from a seated position and just get up to do what has to be done standing up, like stirring or putting things in a pot.

However, I have not really gotten to make anything. I have gotten up more to get my own food figuring that permission to cook means that making a sandwich is no big deal, but we moved this past weekend! So after my Tuesday appointment the house was taken apart for moving, meaning the pots and pans got packed and fridge got emptied so I haven't actually cooked anything this past week.

We had two great friends and Ryan's mom bring us some meals the week prior so Ryan only had to fill in the gaps between those, which was extremely helpful. During the packing we primarily subsisted on take out.

Aside from the ultrasound we just got to ask the doctor some more questions, most of which had been answered during the ultrasound, and then she checked my vitals, which were all normal. Then we went home.

The main reason I had so been hoping on being put on modified bed rest was due to the move, I wanted to have permission to get up to do some packing. As it was I still did some; I had Ryan place clothes and empty suitcases on the bed and I folded them and packed them. But for the most part I just had to try to let Ryan do it and not freak out since he very much procrastinated.

I started to tell you about the moving, but realized that it was DEFINITELY getting long enough for a post of its own, so that's what's going to happen. Suffice it for now to say we did move and I'm writing from our new apartment. Further details to be posted tomorrow!


  1. You are certainly on an adventure! Having your first baby is an adventure in itself! Keep praising God each step of the way. You are blessed!

  2. Very exciting Pamela:-) Best of luck to you, and look forward to follow your adventure in India:-)


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