Tuesday, April 29, 2014

35 Weeks!

Okay, it's getting real y'all.
35 weeks: getting big!

35 weeks is only two weeks from "term" and five weeks from my due date! I'm also hopeful I'll be getting off bed rest this week. I have an appointment later in the week for my last ultrasound. They'll be checking how the baby is growing, what position he or she is in, and just my overall health. If all looks good I should be off bed rest!

I admit I am curious about the estimated weight, though it's not very accurate. On my last ultrasound report from 27 weeks it lists the weight followed by "+/- 20%" meaning it could be off by as much as 20% in either direction.

I'm not as concerned about the baby's position because this little one is an acrobat and is still changing position and wiggling around even though he/she should be settling into a position soon.. but even if he/she is in the right position for birth it's likely he/she will move out of it. And if not, I'm not worried. Maybe the baby will settle down before the ultrasound, but as of the current activity level I am thinking there's still plenty of change possible.

I'm still feeling pretty good. Getting the a.c. this weekend is definitely helping that. I'm uncomfortable, for sure, and some days are bad, but mainly I'm happy and doing well.

Ryan and I have been looking and pricing baby stuff and hopefully will start buying the very near future, but we haven't yet. I've been doing pricing research today. I've been looking at baby stuff all pregnancy, but since I hadn't yet gotten to the point of buying and most stuff doesn't stay stagnant, a lot of what I've looked at in the past is not available due to inventory. Indian baby websites seem to have high turnover.

I am getting really excited.


  1. I am delighted for you!
    Hopefully he/she will stay put for a further two weeks at least. (From my limited understanding you are in the "all clear" already now. So there is nothing to worry about.)

  2. Time certainly flies! Little one will be here before you know it. Enjoy these last few weeks as you prepare for this next phase!!


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