Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kittens!

Only now, of course, they are cats.

seven week old Princess and Vex
When I emailed their mom's owner last year about getting them he told me they were 7 weeks that day. I got them a day or two later but counting back that means their "birthday" is April 14th... or there abouts.

They've gotten a bit bigger.
I really do feel very blessed and enriched having the kittens in my life. They have also been a lot of trouble. But I do think I am much happier with them then I would be without them. I was not made for quiet, chaos free living environments. They make me itch.

Vex has grown especially

So happy birthday my dear Vex and Princess Panchali. I love you dearly. It makes me a bit sad you're so grown up and yet also relieved, because kittens are lot harder work than cats and having you mellow a bit before we bring home Baby Berkeley is a good thing!

Vex keeping me company on bed rest
Ryan soothing Princess
kittens chilling in the sun at the old apartment
and at the new
Vex chillin' with his main man
A picture that shows off that Princess is really a lovely black on black tabby
and Vex is really a {cute} troublemaker
Sibling love
I'm really glad they're cats. But they'll always be kittens to me.

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