Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm Officially Nesting!

I keep coming up with really good ideas for posts... and not writing them. :)

But part of the reason I've not blogged is I am officially nesting! At least as of yesterday. My brain just got a burst of "do this little thing... then this... then this..." and each time I would do something I'd be springing up again... Ryan and I were watching a sermon on the computer together yesterday and I was listening, but just kept getting up and Ryan was like "Why don't you stay still?" and I was like "I just can't..."

I'm on modified bed rest, but light housework is okay. I did laundry and sorted some stuff, and then boiled diapers! Yes, boiled diapers. I'm doing cloth diapers and they need to be prepped. Synthetic diapers just need to be washed once. Natural fibers more often, and prefolds 6-8 times. Prefolds are multi-layered, that's why. And if they're cotton, maybe an extra two
times. And if they're unbleached, maybe an extra two times. So that means if you have unbleached cotton prefolds they should be washed 10-12 times before the first use...

I have unbleached cotton prefolds.

HOWEVER, instead you could just BOIL them! Or rather, boil them for 10-20 minutes and then wash them once. Which I've now done with half of our prefolds. I'll get to the other half later in this week... today it was horribly, horribly hot so boiling stuff for a long time was not a great idea. Each diaper only needs to be boiled 10-20 minutes, but I couldn't do more than 4 diapers at once. And I got 24 done.

My parents generously bought us the cloth diapers we have, which will be a gift that keeps on giving as we don't have to buy diapers. We have 36 infant sized prefolds and then 10 "premium". You put prefolds on and then put a cover over them. So far we only have three covers, 1 small and 2 medium. So we need to buy more of those, but once we do we'll be set for a while. We're planning on using disposables until the meconium passes (the first few days after birth) but after that just doing cloth.

the prefold on the left has been prepped. It makes it smaller and "quilts" up,
showing an increase in absorbancy.

The week before we moved here my in-laws moved to a new apartment. They downsized from a 4 bedroom to a 2 bedroom, since they didn't need all that room with Ryan gone. My mother-in-law this week very generously gave me a ton of linens that they no longer needed. Like a ton. Sheets, curtains, some hand towels, and such. Thing is I have absolutely no where to store it. We have the space. Square footage wise we're doing well. But we just don't have the storage furniture. So we went from only having a box and a half left to unpack to now having two duffel bags and two and a half boxes to find spaces for... and I think I probably only have unassigned storage space for maybe a quarter of that. So we're going to have to figure that out.

That's driving the nesting part of me nuts. I want to do something with it... but I also just can't. When I was going into a frenzy with a lot of it the other day I exhausted myself. I am still on modified bed rest. I'm not sure if I "over did it" or if I just "did it" since I did rest as soon as I realized I was exhausted, but it wiped me out. Then today it was oppressively hot.

It's been hot everyday, I don't mean to imply otherwise. It's been at least 90 degrees. But today felt the hottest yet. According to the temperature it wasn't, that was actually this past Sunday where it got to be like 99 to 100 degrees, but today was 95 and muggy. Which is far harder to handle than dry heat. And we don't have the air conditioning installed yet, so obviously that's got me wiped out as well. Ryan and I were trying to sleep through the heat of the day and kept waking up from being too hot. I think it was my sweat waking me up, my head felt like I'd leaned back into a puddle.

And then, it's third trimester time. And I just can't do stuff I used to... I was trying to think of simple stuff I could do today. I started doing some of it and found it too challenging. Far too much stuff in this house is low. Like cabinets that are just off the floor. I honestly can't really bend down to get in there with any ease and I think soon not at all. Yet except two wardrobes and the (smaller) upper cabinets in the kitchen ALL the storage space we do have is low. This was not well thought out. Haha. I really just can't bend over to do that anymore and crouching down is very difficult as well.

Then I was thinking well, we have all these new linens and they're all clean, I should change the sheets on our bed... and then I realized all the leaning over and pulling of stuff that would entail and realized I really needed help. Plus, it's low. Like we have a super low practically Japanese style bed. Sigh. I actually have never been a big fan of the height (Ryan likes it though) but it's been really hard lately. I can get into bed, but today I had Ryan help pull me out of it... I have to basically roll off awkwardly onto my ankles that nearly buckle now if he's not around. And I've still got a while to go in this pregnancy.

I really can't think of anything I can do right now that doesn't involve bending, crouching or standing for a long time (which the doctor doesn't want me to do.) So my nesting instincts are freaking out because I just want to do, do, do stuff... but I can't. I just don't have the ability without help right now.

And when I try to ask Ryan to help me this past week he says he's too tired. And he is working, so I am sympathetic, but giving me 20-30 minutes would make such a difference. Because if he'd just do the bending over part I could do the rest! Hopefully I can get him to help me again soon. I got him to help me last week for half an hour and it was great... that's when we got down to only a box and a half left. But since then his mom gave us the linens and I think we both feel overwhelmed again.

I do know he definitely thinks I should be able to do more than I can. He keeps asking me to get stuff for him, make stuff for him, etc. And I do what I can, but I just have to say no sometimes. And he hates it. And I hate it for having to tell him no. Sigh. But I am still on bed rest, albeit modified. If I did everything he wishes I'd do I'd probably have worn myself out and gone into labor last month!

Not that I'm saying he's totally insensitive about it, just clueless. Especially regarding how much harder it's getting to move as pregnancy progresses. Stuff that was easy not very long ago, like getting out of a chair, is hard now. But it wasn't a short time ago. And I don't look that different to him, so I can see why he's not yet adjusted his expectations.

The big thing that the doctor has told me to watch out for is pressure. When she moved me to modified bed rest basically what she said was "don't overdue it and at the first sign of pressure, lie down." And unfortunately it's taking less and less to get me to a point of feeling pressure. Which makes sense since baby is getting bigger and heavier.

Still I feel good about getting done the stuff I did yesterday. I prepped half the pre-folds, organized kitchen cabinets, and got two loads of laundry (aside from the prefolds) done. That's a lot for me lately and it felt good to finally make progress.

But I definitely can feel it today!

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