Saturday, April 5, 2014

Of Heat, Heat, and Drumming

The yowls of Princess Panchali fill my home as she endures another day of being in heat.* I think it's starting to ease though (we hope! we hope!) as she's starting to be more easily distracted from her bellowing.

Speaking of heat, the temperature has risen dramatically once again. Sunday is supposed to be 100 degrees
Ryan "caught" soothing the frazzled Princess;
cuddling one of us (Ryan, Vex or I) is one of the few
things that seems to temporarily shut her up. lol
according to the weather app on my phone... which has definitely been known to be wrong but I don't think it will be this time. I thank God for industrial strength Indian ceiling fans, since our ac has still not been installed.

Ryan's sleeping away in the bedroom right now because he has work tonight. We should be finding out about his next schedule shift soon. Normally they change his hours every 5 weeks or so but he's been doing this shift for probably 9 weeks now? I am hoping it's a favorable shift as this timing has been 11pm to 8am, which is hard for him.

I went for blood and urine tests today. Routine stuff: glucose, thyroid levels (I've hypothyroidism), hemoglobin, etc. I'm glad I'm being monitored from a health perspective, but still annoying.

Wow, guys something exciting just happened! ... And then I feel lame saying that because it's not really that exciting. I hear cool Indian drums approaching so I look out to see what it was (I'm thinking maybe a wedding procession?) A bunch of guys in Domino's (yes the pizza chain) uniform are running around, running up to houses. It looked like they were passing stuff out and might come to my door and I was not fully clothed (it's hot) so I throw my clothes on and when I come back the drums have passed my house and I failed to get a picture for you.

I did however get a buy one pizza get another free coupon, haha. Still the exciting part is not the coupon but the Indian drumming. You don't get that happening in South Carolina. I really had grabbed my cell phone (still can't find my camera!) to snap a photo for the blog, but missed my window of opportunity.

Blessedly the drums did seem to distract Princess as well though, so she's taken a break from yowling at the moment. Yay!*

*Before anyone says anything, yes, we do hope to spay Princess. But calling to get quotes it's over half our rent and actually translating rupees to dollars it's pricier than I could get it done the US and Ryan makes a lot less than a US salary. Baby comes before fur babies, so Princess will have to wait some months, sadly. Vex is neutered though, so we don't have to worry about incestuous kittens and since they're strictly indoor only she shouldn't have opportunities to meet any other potential mates. 


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