Monday, May 5, 2014

36 Weeks!

Yay! I am 36 weeks today!

This is the last week that if the baby comes it'd be premature! Starting next week the baby is "term"! (Yes, I know not "full term" but not premature either.)

36 weeks... and I found my camera, by the way!
And guess what? As of Saturday I am off bed rest! I still have a few restrictions, but I have my freedom
back and those restrictions shall be lifted next week! It's great! I had an ultrasound done and the baby is estimated to be a pretty average weight (ultrasound estimates are notoriously off, but still, good!) He or she is also heads down (sort of sideways right now, laying in the fetal position with the spine against my left side, legs curled up so they're by my right rib.) There is a single loop of umbilical cord around the baby's neck, but no one is worried yet because the baby could easily untangle his/herself before delivery. And really because the baby hasn't yet decided if he/she will face forward or backward we know there will be at least a half turn, so maybe he/she will spin out of the loop. I got antibiotics for my UTI and also suspicious discharge. Sigh. I can't seem to get my "down there" to stabilize this entire pregnancy. That's what caused the bleeding before. My doctor doesn't understand it because my blood sugar has been consistently normal (even low.) I honestly think it's just an expat thing, that is, I'm not yet resistant enough to Indian bacteria because the instability started prior to pregnancy, pretty much the whole time I've been in India. But hopefully the antibiotics will help. Overall baby looks good and bed rest is over, so good news!

I had a wonderful weekend with Ryan. He had been sick Thursday/Friday but he was recovered Saturday and we had guests over for a Bible Study. Then we were supposed to tour a hospital, but he was tired so we napped. Then we went to my doctor's appointment and ultrasound Saturday evening, then to Ryan's parent's house for dinner. After dinner we came home and watched a movie together and played video games. Then we went to bed and really needed to get up early since I was off bed rest and the next day was Sunday so for the first time in months you know what that means! But we just only slept a few hours because we stayed up talking to each other about nothing in particular... and it was wonderful. It reminded me of back when we were dating and we'd spend hours on the phone. I don't regret it at all, and we managed to get up in time anyway.

Afterwards, we did manage to tour the hospital on Sunday. It was definitely in our price range so we were hoping we'd really like it... but we didn't. Before we went we'd mentioned it to some people and Ryan had someone tell him his wife delivered there and the nursing staffing was very negligent and were barely around. With that in mind, I noticed there was only one nurse at the nursing station when we arrived, and then she left and I didn't see another nurse on the floor for the rest of the ten-fifteen minutes we were there. (This is a teeny-tiny hospital, so they didn't need a large staff, but still, kind of backs up that anecdotal story.) Ryan didn't like that it wasn't "clean"... which to be fair, I disagreed with him about. That is I think it was clean, as in not germy. But it looked worn. There was a crack in one of the room's window that had been cracked. It was sealed, but the window hadn't been replaced. There were some knicks out of the tiles in the floor, so the floor didn't look great, but it wasn't dirty. Still, overall Ryan felt strongly we should look for another place and so it's very unlikely we'll deliver there. Disappointing since the price range was perfect, but it's not something where we want to regret the decision.

At my ultrasound on Saturday we mentioned we had been leaning towards the cheaper hospital (this was before we toured it) for financial reasons and my doctor told me she's starting to work with another hospital in the city. It's a bit different here from America. Gurgaon has probably 20 hospitals. Some of those are covered by our insurance, some are not. Most are, though. And out of those our doctor only has delivering privileges at some. She had delivering privileges at 6, apparently she's adding this 7th. Out of the original 6, 2 were clearly out of our price range and one was probably out of our price range but also Ryan just does NOT trust it, and for good reason. A coworker of his had his sister die there when the hospital gave her the wrong blood type in a blood transfusion. So those three are out. Of the other three we've toured two and the third is the one I went to when I had the bleeding incident and so we're very familiar. We've seen labor and delivery there, though we've not had a budget breakdown discussion with them, but I'm pretty sure it's quite pricey. Of the two we toured the first one was really too expensive and the second was the one I just told you about. So I'm hoping this new option will be both affordable and trustworthy. It is looking somewhat promising in that when Ryan brought this up with people on Sunday morning we only heard positive anecdotal recommendations. Admittedly we've not talked to anyone who has delivered a child there, but we have talked to people who have been to the hospital for other treatments and one person whose cousin is a nurse there, and they say good things. So hopefully this one will be "just right" hospital in our Goldilocks quest.

After the hospital tour we rushed back home to get there ten minutes or so before we had some guests stopping by... we did the normal scramble and cleaned the place up a bit... and then sat down and wait. Sometimes I forget that I'm in India and everyone always comes late. Haha. But they came and brought chocolate and we visited. After that I was hyped up and wanting to keep going, heady on the freedom that I could... plus we'd really hoped that the hospital we'd seen would work and we could stop searching, but since it didn't I wanted to see another hospital in the evening. But Ryan wanted to stay in and have the rest of the day commitment free, since we'd done a lot that weekend already. So I acquiesced and we just chilled, mainly playing video games. We went to bed at a pretty normal hour for us, so we should have had plenty of time today (Monday) to go visit the other hospital, but remember we'd barely slept Saturday night. So we overslept, of course, and woke up with only two hours before Ryan needed to leave for work, not quite enough time to get that done. So that was moved to Tuesday. However we'd had people saying they were coming over Tuesday tell us it'd probably Wednesday anyway, so I guess that's okay.

Since Ryan's left for work all I've done is a mixture of relaxing and housework... same as when I was on modified bed rest, except maybe pushing myself to be a *tiny* bit more productive. I have three loads of laundry done and the sink is almost empty. To be fair though, it's having trouble emptying mainly because I just can't stop eating. I washed all the plates and then pull one to put food on... like three times now. I am in that stage of pregnancy. I told Ryan "I am going to gain a thousand pounds this month" and he said "That wouldn't be good." Haha. But in all seriousness I haven't weighed myself today, but as of mid last week I was between like 12-15 pound weight gain at 36 weeks, so if I do put on some weight right now the world won't end. Also apparently the baby is gaining an ounce a day right now, so I'm guessing my hormones are very much telling me "eat! eat! eat!" And as I said, I'm listening. As soon as I finish something within fifteen minutes I'm thinking about what I'm going to have next... oh well.

I'm hoping next week to have a definite "we are ready" feeling to my update post to you as this week well, we're not really ready. Ryan and I have decided we want to have an "on time" baby. I've defined that as plus or minus 3 days of my due date, so that's a week's range the baby has to choose from. I realize we get no real say in that, but that's what we're hoping! And it doesn't seem that unlikely if families have patterns in that my older sister was 3 days early, I was 1 day early, my younger sister came smack dab between her two due dates, and my niece came three days late. So of these closely related to me births they all fall in the pattern I'm hoping for...  Ryan, however, was a week and a half late. I probably won't want that, though at least it wouldn't be early. I am in pregnancy groups and so many women due the same week or even after me are all saying "I hope this baby comes early!" but I'm just not there. I do know though next week the baby could actually come! Some babies are actually done baking at 37 weeks! Crazy! We have a long "to do" list to accomplish this week. Hopefully maybe we can knock out more now that I'm off bed rest. Maybe next week I'll post on our progress!

Apparently my mother-in-law has told Ryan that she predicts I'll have the baby in the next 15 days though because she thinks I've dropped. I disagree with her though, in a friendly way, not only about the timing due to my preferences (which again, I realize mean nothing) but also because I don't think I've really dropped. I think the difference she's seeing in my bump is real in that the baby is head down now, but I can feel the feet and they're still pretty high up near my ribs and I'm very long torsoed so there's lots of space for the baby to keep dropping down. I was telling this to my mom and saying "I think the baby still will drop more, it's not really 'dropped." and she laughed and said, "Of course it will drop more sweetie, soon it's going to drop right out of you!" Ah, Mom. (She agrees that maybe my baby will be on time though.)

In closing I will say that I think I'm starting to adjust to the temperature, which is a relief. I was so dead last week, unable to do anything. It's getting to be 106-110 each day, though it looks like we have some "cool" 102-104 days coming up. But while last week I could barely move this week I'm finding with the balcony door open for a breeze I'm able to manage. We do have the air conditioning, which helps, but we only have it in our bedroom and only run it for part of the day (primarily when we're sleeping) so it's not like we get it all the time. But still, somehow the heat is more survivable. Amazing our abilities to adapt! That's making me feel more hopeful because in the depths of my sluggishness last week I was thinking "it's not going to be any cooler in June! How am I going to have the energy to cope with a newborn in this heat?? I may just have to lock us up in the bedroom with the ac going 24/7..." And who knows, maybe I'll have a few days like that. But I'd momentarily forgotten there's always an adjustment period of a few weeks when the temperature makes a big climb or fall and if you don't use climate control a lot the body adapts. There's probably a good metaphor in there...

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