Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kittens and Babies: An Introduction

A few weeks ago our cats met a baby for the first time.

It was the 18 month old daughter of a man we hire to help us get things done around the house. She was a
Vex cuddling my baby bump
bit frightened of the cats... but they were more frightened of her!

The funny part was especially Vex. Vex is the brave one, Princess is usually the frightened one. However Vex was possibly terrified. His eyes were huge and he didn't want to be anywhere near her. It was actually pretty funny.

I had said to Ryan (and I think some others) that there were too reactions I'd accept from the cats when we bring our own baby home: loving friendliness or avoidance. A few years ago when our cat Mallory had her second litter of kittens (she was a stray that showed up at my parents house; now she's a pampered, spayed indoor cat.) Her sons from her first litter were six months old... and freaking terrified of the new kittens. It was hilarious. Here were cats about ten times bigger than the three baby kittens who were about the side of a deck of cards and they ran in terror at the very sight of their younger siblings. It was a good thing because therefore, obviously, they were too scared to be any threat to the little ones. Later when the siblings were about six months old themselves, they became good playmates.

Now I never thought my kitties were going to be a threat to the baby, but I'm amused to see that they'll be reacting that way. I've heard lots of stories of affectionate cats with babies, and who knows, maybe they'll get there, but this attitude is also acceptable to me.

Our kittens have met little kids before, but this was the youngest they'd seen was four. Their attitude then was curiosity and caution, but not fear. So my guess is by the time our child is old enough to form memories about our kittens they will be up for being playmates and friends. 

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