Friday, June 6, 2014

Two Weeks

Unbelievably my baby girl is two weeks old! We are cherishing this time with her. Ryan only has a few more days of leave left. She's growing! I went to pick her up last night after only a 2-3 hour nap since the last time I had held her and she was bigger! How is that possible?

I got food poisoning earlier this week and am still not fully recovered. It was leftover chicken stew. It was only two days old but we'd been having power cuts and so the fridge had been shut off a few times. It tasted funny so I didn't finish it but the damage was done. I couldn't take the meds I normally would, looking it up for safety with breastfeeding, so I just took rehydration salts and immodium and three days later I am still not 100%, though I have been able to eat normally for over 24 hours. I am sure not getting to sleep for any long duration is the main impediment to my healing. But I am breastfeeding well despite it.

Baby girl is a ferocious yet adorable creature who loves to nom nom nom. I am not sure she understands I am a person so much as just where the milk comes from! But I don't care, I love her. She is so precious.

It is too hot to leave the bedroom (the only room with air conditioning) during the day with baby girl and we're not really comfortable leaving her alone. Hence I am basically trapped in this one room except quick excursions for the bathroom or to get food. In the evening we'll take her out in her swing and Ryan and I do something on the computer together like watch videos, but we can only be out there about an hour before she gets too warm. Consequently I am really getting no computer time. So I am typing this up on my phone on blogger's really quite awful app so please forgive any formatting issues. I would probably be able to get more computer time if I hadn't gotten food poisoning, but I am both truly unable to take any heat (heat always gives me nausea) and I am finding sleeping a difficult task so I am spending way more hours in bed trying to sleep, though getting cumulatively actually quite little. As happens with breastfeeding mamas with newborns.

Love to you all. Hopefully we'll figure out a solution to the heat soon. Maybe we'll get a "cooler" (less effective than an ac, but also less pricey) for the living room. Even if not, the monsoon should roll in come July sometime.

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