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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2 Months Old!!

Believe it or not my little baby is now two months old.

My little two month old!!
Let's see, changes from last month.

She's sleeping both less and better. That is, she's having significantly longer periods of wakefulness, but when we go to bed she's waking up to feed less often.
Chillin' in just her pre-fold (hey, it's hot.)

She's fussier though. Overall, she's an easy, happy baby. But the past week or so she's a lot fussier for her. I think the longest she's probably cried is a half hour and in that there were a few things she was complaining about (like she'd have a dirty diaper or two in that time.)

as I said, overall, happy baby!

She is starting to enjoy tummy time, if she's in the right mood. If we do it on our chest she confidently holds her head up immediately and keeps it up a decent length. If we do it on the bed she barely lifts it. Not sure why, but if I lean down and help her guide it up, she'll keep it up. I think she's right on target that way. From the very beginning (like a week old) she's been pushing off when we put her on our chests (and is even able to scoot herself a few inches that way!) Now she's doing it when she's on the bed as well, but isn't as able to move (I think the friction of the bed sheet is greater.) I have no doubts she'll crawl, probably early. But she was rolling over onto her side on the day she was born, so we already knew she's advanced when it comes to that kind of bodily movement. She's a strong one.

She's sort of tracking items, but not great at it. Like I will move something to the right and her eyes will follow... after a slight delay. She's not mastered it yet, but she's obviously trying. She'll get there.

She's also smiling enchanting smiles at us. It's awesome. One amazing thing is she'll be nursing and she'll lift her eyes and suddenly see me and can't help herself but to break out into a giant grin. This makes her temporarily lose the breast and stop feeding, but she doesn't care, she's too delighted to see me. It is soooo cute. She will also do it sometimes when she looks up and sees Ryan as well. Makes our hearts melt.

She does not, however, like to have her picture taken when she's doing this. That is, we lift up a camera or phone and her face automatically falls. We've tried. Believe me. So we still only have a tiny bit of it on film, and really none of her full grin.

She WAS smiling at Daddy's kisses... until she
saw Mommy trying to capture the moment
She's been "cluster peeing" as well as cluster feeding. She'll dirty her diaper, I'll put on a dry one, lift her up, and she's dirtied it already. She's go through like four or five in twenty minutes to half an hour, then she'll be good or an hour or more. She does at least one cluster a day. It's not a big deal except when she does it *just* when I'm falling asleep. But most of the time it's more amusing than anything. She's only doing the other one like once a day now, sometimes every other day. When she was born she was doing that more often than peeing, so it's been an adjustment on her digestive system and I think the main source of her fussiness.

Our family! We're hanging out at a friend's here.
We also think she's gotten to the point where she cries if she's overtired too. Whether gas or overtiredness or both, generally swaddling, shushing, or jiggling helps.

Getting Around

She likes to be worn, except not when it's humid apparently. She doesn't care about heat so much. Summer here in India starts in April, so she's never really known anything but heat. She'll be breaking out in heat rash (so we have to be careful) but not cry. However, now the rains are starting, the kickoff to monsoon season and it's been lovely in general. It cools everything off so now it's high 90s during the day, high 70s or low 80s at night (versus high 100s or even 110s during the day, 90s at night!) However, it's also humid and I've discovered if it's super humid she hates the ergo. I admit, it gets really sticky. But she still wants to be held. So basically it means I have to hold her in my arms... making it nearly impossible to get anything else done. But that's only when it's super humid. Mild humidity and she's fine and adores the ergo. It's still hard to do things like cook though when I'm wearing her as I'm nervous of splatters and stuff so while I'm happy to wear her, I'm happiest when she's happy in her swing.

We've been taking her out places this past month. We started with relatives houses, moved to friend's
houses and the other day we took her on a walk to the local grocery store. We're still slow in introducing her to crowded places, for germ purposes. I always wear her when we take her out now, which makes me feel safer.
Her interacting with her "grand aunt" Vanessa

We own a car seat (but not a car). I knew we'd have to not have her in a car seat when we use an autorickshaw, but we haven't done that yet. Primarily we either walk or get around by getting rides from Ryan's parents or friends. But Ryan's parents and Ryan won't use the car seat. Yeah, you haven't heard that story yet. In the hospital I'd brought the car seat to bring her home in and Ryan's dad freaked out and was nervous and asked my doctor if it was safe... the doctor said not to use it!! She said it was best at least for the first three weeks to simply hold her in my arms in the car because "babies get comfort from their mom's arms." Um, yeah, but... Sigh. India.

So that was nerve wracking, but she only went in the car three times before three weeks (home from the hospital, to her first check up, and back from her first check up.) Then I was all prepped to use the car seat but Ryan was still freaking out and his dad was saying he didn't even think it'd fit in the car... His parents live just a kilometer away from us, all residential, so I told myself maybe I could do the in the arm thing... but there's all these speed bumps and I hated how she was jostled! But then I started wearing her in the ergo it definitely seems safer than my arms as both the straps have her plus I can put my arms around her. I still want to use the car seat if we're going farther than the neighborhood, but we've barely done that and when it has happened it's thus far always been a situation where it was last minute (like I thought we were going locally but then Ryan and his parents are like 'let's go to X!' unexpectedly) or there's been too many people in the car to fit a car seat. (Like the one time we've gone somewhere with friends there were already three friends plus us in a five seat car. And then another time his parents had his grandmother along with them, and they also have a five seater.) Here in India it's only required to wear a seat belt if you're in the front seat and car seats are not required ever, so... Sigh. Be still my anxious American heart!

Clothes and Growth

She's as of yet not outgrown any clothes! She is growing though, for sure, she just started out small and we don't really have any true "newborn" size, so stuff she used to swim in now fit pretty snug, but not too snug yet. I think she's pretty true to size and will be able to wear 0-3 month stuff for most of the rest of the upcoming month, but not beyond. Of course sizes aren't true to anything here in India, I have clothes that say "newborn" that are obviously twice the size of things that say "0-3 months" so it's all relative. But I think she's at the cusp of out growing a few items. For example, her head is growing enough that it's harder to get it through the head hole of some things. So I really should put them on her and take pictures before I can't...

see how chubby her cheeks have gotten?
She doesn't have her "two month" check up until midway through the month. We took her to the pediatrician we chose for her at one month and he said come back in two weeks and then every month after that, so our appointments will be monthly, but midway through each month. Therefore I don't really know her size right now, but I'm guessing somewhere around 10 pounds. Why do I say that? Well at birth she was 5 pounds 13ish ounces (2.63 kg) and at one month she was 7 pounds 12 ounces (3.49 kg). Then at six weeks she was 8 pounds 14 ounces (4.03 kg.) So she seems to grow a little over a pound each two weeks, so she's probably at about ten pounds right now, if she's growing pretty steady (which I know she may not be.) We'll find out in two weeks.


This is one of the most fun things. Now obviously she's not talking or anything. But I'm totally beginning to learn her. I can generally predict why she's crying before I check her in anyway based on her behavior and sounds.

She's beginning to trust us too. It used to be she cried every time she peed. Now I've noticed that she doesn't always, if we're already near her, because she obviously trusts us to notice it and change her. She's also helping to lift her legs up during diaper changes, Ryan noticed. She knows exactly what is happening and is happy to help.

She'll be screaming and screaming when she's hungry and we always laugh when I put her next my chest and she makes this eager, adorable noise... and then shuts up as she eats. The immediate cut off is so sweet. She's so melodramatic. As I tell her "Don't worry, we don't starve babies here!"

I just feel so blessed to be getting know her more and more so I can interpret her! I know generally what she likes and doesn't like, what will soothe her and what will startle her.

Being a Mom

I love it! I seriously just love being her mom! I was telling Ryan that I loved her when she was born but I love her more and more. Every time I look at her, my heart just swells up. I am so thankful to God to have her in my life and to be her mom. I really enjoy it! Diapers? No big deal. And yes, it is not very great to not get anything else done because she wants to be held. And it hurts my back. But honestly, I love holding my daughter, so it's not exactly a burden.

I will say though, I am in pain. I am so achey it's crazy. I guess it's the relaxin leaving me, but I thought it'd be done by now. But my back, my hips, my arms, everything just hurts. I'm very stiff everyday. I try stretching and working out, but it doesn't do much to help. My older sister, whose baby is four months old now, said her achiness went away between 8-10 weeks, so I'm hoping not much longer. However, since I would have been weakened by the bed rest her recovery  might have been faster than mine. But I am just so creaky. I think this is probably what arthritis feels like.

But honestly, even that is a tiny price to pay for the joy of being her mom!

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