Friday, July 25, 2014

3 Significant Memories from Childhood

Day 20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

Hmm. "Signficant." 

Well, I suppose a very significant memory was when I found out my mom had cancer. I was 9 and in the fourth

grade and a call came over the intercom that I was to come to the office. This was highly strange, but I got up and went. My parents met me and we got my sisters as well and we went through a drive thru where they allowed us to have junky food. I think we had ice cream. Then we parked in the Autozone parking lot and they told me my mom had thyroid cancer. Apparently they'd known she'd had cancer for a while but weren't sure which kind of cancer it was, it could have been thyroid or another type and had wanted to wait until they knew for sure. They told us thyroid was the better of the two, and very treatable. It was all very scary. 

(My mom beat it. She had an amazing surgeon we thank God for who got all the cancer in one surgery so she didn't even have to do chemo. She has no thyroid at all now, but with synthroid lives a pretty normal life.) 

I have a really good memory so tons of memories are flooding me right now. It's hard to decide what is "significant." The really serious ones seem to leap out, but I don't want this blog post to be depressing...

In South Carolina we had an acre and a half of woods behind our house and I spent much of my youth down there, reading. My dad had hammered a platform of boards into a tree for us that was our tree house (no roof, no railings.) I remember one day laying on my stomach on it, reading and closing my eyes and feeling the sway of the breeze making the tree rock softly. It felt just like a boat, which we'd had in New Jersey and it made me so homesick (I didn't really consider South Carolina home until I'd been there oh, 13 years or so.) It was so comforting, that feeling of water, even though I was on land. Then I opened my eyes and gazed out and realized something I hadn't before: our woods was clearly marked. That is, all our neighbors to one side had woods behind their house that intersected, but roughly following our property line the woods were lush and green and had underbrush, where as beyond that it was mainly just trees and dead leaves on the ground! It made our woods look like the most alive part, magically infused with more greenery. (I know from college botany that in actuality it meant our woods were the youngest addition and were in a different stage of succession, but to a child it was magical.) 

And I should just pick one more? Hmm... oh, I know! My first miracle!

This story is when I was significantly younger. I was probably four or five or so, in New Jersey. The road in front of our house was normally very busy, but they were doing construction work on the bridge that was a few houses down and so had shut down the entire road. The construction workers weren't actually in front of our house though, so that meant that our parents gave us permission to play in the road! What a lark! We were dashing around and playing and we found this really pretty cool looking caterpillar. We caught it in a jar and I put a leaf in it for it to eat and my dad punched holes in the lid and I was going to keep it as a pet... but it died in a matter of hours. I was devastated! I ran out into the road and threw myself down on the ground and wailed to God. I was praying in my anguish, my little heart breaking, when I lifted up my head.

There, coming straight at me, was an identical caterpillar! It was a miracle! I really felt like God had heard me and sent me a caterpillar in my distress. :)

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