Monday, July 7, 2014

A Typical Day In My Life

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your life 

Okay I skipped over writing this pre-baby being born because I thought it'd be more fun to tell you about my typical day after the baby has arrived. Then I've been coming back to it but not completing it because my days have been changing as she grows. I'm writing this on the fourth of July because she's giving me a bit of time while she naps...

"Dreamer" is still not on anyone else's schedule yet, and with my sleeping disorder that's just as well as schedules and I don't mesh well and plus Daddy's work is always changing his. Right now Ryan is working 7:30pm to 4am. For the time being, we're roughly on his schedule. But everyday is really different as I never get to all the stuff I have to any one day. So I'm not just going to tell you about today but tell you a bit about what I did the past few days as I think that's more representative of a "typical" day.

So woke up today at around 8pm-ish. I'd woken up several times during the time I'd been asleep, including about an hour and a half ending about 5:45 and at least five minutes as Ryan was leaving around 6:30 or 7. The day before I'd woken up at 7-ish and the day before 6-ish... actually thinking about it pretty representative of my sleeping disorder. But a lot of it is just Dreamer waking up and my body going "eh, I guess I got enough sleep. This time I won't let you go back to sleep" and that's how I know it's time to get up. 

Today I got up and after a diaper change and getting dressed and stuff (including snapping the 4th of July pictures) I came out and put Dreamer in her swing. That's the one place aside from in one of our arms or snuggled up against us in bed where she's sometimes content. I was lucky today and she got pretty content pretty fast. I checked my facebook and decided to work on my blog. I also went and got a bowl of cereal for breakfast. This is first time I've worked on my blog in several days. Yesterday I was in a haze at that time, recovering from the day before that, and just watched tv while trying to let my brain wake up, and nursed her. Oh, I remember that I tried to make myself oatmeal but of course that was when Dreamer cried she was hungry so I had to let it get cold while she ate. The day before was Dreamer's cluster feeding growth spurt day, so I fed her. I was trying to eat breakfast that day too, but think I just had to grab a candy bar (quick calories) and got breakfast much later. So being able to eat my cereal without disruptence was a rare luxury today.

I got the 4th of July post published and amazingly Dreamer was still cooperating! I looked at the time and realized the Germany v. France game had started a while back and put it on... half time. I started making my blueberry cheesecake for celebrating the fourth of July.

Dreamer interrupted me for a diaper change somewhere in here. I noted that I needed to wash a load of diapers-- no surprise. Theoretically I do two loads of laundry a day, one diapers, one none diapers. Most days that's actually what happens. Some days I get in three, like Tuesday I think. Yesterday I got in none. Well what happened was it'd rained and so I pulled in the drying rack and let the clothes that hadn't finished drying from the day before dry. Two days ago I had looked at the weather and it was supposed to storm for the next two days so I wasn't sure if today I'd be able to do multiple loads or just the one I'd be able to fit on my drying rack. I decided if I was doing one load it'd be diapers. But I didn't get a chance to throw it in because Dreamer was demanding to be fed again.

When she finished feeding Germany had won without me getting to see any goals (darn) while I finished the cheesecake and worked on the post "Four Years Together" and got that scheduled to publish tomorrow. While the cheesecake was setting in the fridge and Dreamer was still being really awesomely cooperative I put on some videos started writing this... but it got really ramble-y and later I deleted most of what I said and started afresh. Yep. We'll get to that. So then I look at the clock and realize I've missed the beginning of the Brazil v. Colombia game. And another goal. Sheesh.

Yesterday and the day before there had been no World Cup games to stream. Yesterday I'd just put on music and had cleaned like a crazy person once the haze faded and I was awake enough and completed the wardrobe reorganization I'd started a few days ago, as well as generally straightening up the apartment. The day before she'd been doing the crazy cluster-feeding so basically that was at least six or seven straight hours of feeding her and changing diapers with no real naps. I put on mindless television in the background that day. I'm not a big fan of working in quiet, I get too easily distracted. Yep, that's right. Honestly I'm that person during class in college who if I'm not doodling during a lecture it means my mind has wandered, but if I'm doodling I'll remember every word later. My brain works best when multi-tasking, so when it's not multi-tasking it's constantly interrupting whatever I'm trying to concentrate on looking for another "task". That's when I'm trying to accomplish something though. In social situations I can plug in very nicely (and worshiping God generally is socializing with Him and/or other believers, so that generally also applies there.) But in general if you see me doing two things at once I'll probably do a better job than if you try to take one of them away. Just how I'm wired. Drives Ryan *crazy.*

At some point in here I started making the cheese sauce for the macaroni and cheese, then realized that I should probably put the macaroni on to cook first... while I was filling up the pot with water, Dreamer started crying. I quickly put the water on the stove to boil and went and changed her diaper and nursed her. Well I start put the diapers in the washing machine and then start nursing her. While still nursing her (holding her in a weird position to try to maintain latch with one arm lol) I end up adding the detergent and restarting it. (You're supposed to do a detergent-less rinse, then add detergent and run the wash through.) Then I get Dreamer to nap in her swing and put the pasta in the now boiling water. Then I started doing the cheese sauce, which of course is something I need to stay on top of and stir every thirty seconds or so, so I'm praying Dreamer stays napping while I take ten minutes and finish it.

The game is on and she keeps murmuring so I keep poking my head out of the kitchen to check on both. Pasta ends up getting drained and I start stirring it in the cheese sauce. I eat a bowl full trying to watch the game. Oh and I do some working out with my dumbbells sitting next to me (allowed to work out now!) but the kittens start nibbling at my toes, which means that they are either out of food or water. I go, see it's water but the water dish is a bit grimy so I'm scrubbing that out with cats meowling at me when I hear, but don't get to see, Brazil's second goal. I water the cats, then hang up the diapers on the drying rack inside. 

This whole time every five to six minutes Dreamer cries out or starts whimpering, making me run over. But each time she's dreaming (that's how she got the nickname Dreamer!) Finally after the umpteenth time I tell myself maybe she's doing this because she's sleeping with a dirty diaper.. and if not, then it's because of nightmares so waking her up is not such a bad thing. So I scoop her up and go check her diaper.. it's dry. But she snuggles against my neck happily, like she's grateful I woke her from her nightmare. So I decide to just sit a while and cuddle my baby... Of course she isn't having that. True to her M.O. now that she's awake, she's decided she's hungry. My girl, she's either asleep or eating or getting a dirty diaper. We don't do a lot of play time or anything because she is only awake and content like twenty minutes a day, nonconsequetive. Haha. So I start nursing her and settle back and watch the end of the Brazil/Colombia game. (I get to see Colombia's goal! Only goal I saw today.) She falls asleep when there's like five minutes left in the game. I hold her for a minute or two to make sure she doesn't wake up, then put her in her swing again.

this was the last picture we snapped. Dreamer is angry.

Then I do a google search and find out that while two days ago it said it'd storm today, today's forecast looks pretty dry! Yay! I start a second load of regular clothes. (Oh about that time two days ago Dreamer had finally fallen asleep after her crazy cluster-feeding for like 7 hours or so, so I was scrambling around trying to get some cleaning done. Yesterday I was still just doing the closets/straightening.)

Then I've been thinking over my half-written "day in the life" post and decide I want to write it differently, so I go and delete the bulk of it and write what you've just read. Meanwhile I'm messaging back and forth with an online friend on Facebook, checking on Dreamer, and keeping an ear out for when the load of laundry will finish.

Ryan will be home in twenty minutes. Then we'll eat again (I am still pretty full from the mac and cheese I had so I might just have the cheesecake with him, which I've not had any of yet, but I'll have a second serving of it before going to sleep.) I've been trying to log my food again on myfitnesspal because well, I want to continue to lose weight. For the first few weeks after having Dreamer I was losing about a pound a day... but for the past week I've been about the same. So the crazy-fast-after-birth-weight-loss is sadly over. So I need to make sure I'm not overeating now while still making sure I'm eating enough for breastfeeding. But I think today is just a loss. Macaroni and cheese and cheesecake are not really healthy stuff... but yummy!

Yesterday we had planned to watch a movie together, but, well, didn't. I hadn't started cooking until after Ryan got home yesterday because I'd been cleaning so much (I'd made some food for myself, but not enough for both of us.) So I made some soup real quick after Ryan came home and we had that. After he ate he had to go out to get some milk and bread. He was grumbling and I told him I'd put Dreamer in the ergo (a gift from my sister Beth!) and come with him but he said "No!" I was startled and asked why not? He was scared for germs. We've not really taken Dreamer out much. Just the pediatrician and last weekend to relatives' homes. But now she's six weeks old! Some people say to keep a baby in a month, some 40 days (that's the big one here in India) and some six weeks... she's all of those things now! Personally I don't want to take her out to very populated places yet... ease her into the germy world. But I am ready and eager for early morning walks in our neighborhood!

Ryan has agreed if the pediatrician says its safe we can do it. We see the pediatrician tomorrow. So if he says yes then my "typical day" might involve a morning walk most days.

Honestly, I think "most days" sums up my typical day. That is I have a list of things I hope to accomplish in a day: cleaning, cooking, laundry, blogging, exercising, and of course everything that Dreamer needs. Non-negotiable is meeting Dreamer's needs. Everything else I expect to get between 50-75% of it done. I won't get to exercise everyday, but if I exercise most days, cool. If I miss one day's laundry the world won't implode. If today I end up saying to Ryan "I cleaned, but I'm too tired to cook, do you want to order something?" that's okay (as long as it's only once every week or two.) Other days I might be like "Yeah, I cleaned nothing, but I got a ton of blogging done and I cooked good food." (That day would be today. I'll actually be up for another 5 hours probably, so I may end up doing some cleaning, but maybe not.) But I cleaned a ton yesterday. And tomorrow I am unlikely to blog as I did so much today. So it all balances out. The only non-negotiable is making sure Dreamer gets fed and her diaper changed and such. And I've been handling that. So all in all, I feel like a success.

Ryan is home now. I am taking a few minutes to finish typing this, then I'm going to devote my attention to him. Hope this peek into my typical day was somewhat interesting! 

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