Saturday, July 5, 2014

Four Years Together!

Today Ryan and I have been together for FOUR YEARS!! We've been married for a year and four months and of course have an amazing one month old baby girl together.

Four years seems like a really significant chunk of time to me because that's the length of college or high school.

I'd been with my family and my friend Tabitha at my normal fourth of July celebration. I'd talked to Ryan on the phone during part of it at Tabitha's house earlier, and gushed about him while at the fire department later, lying in the grass watching fireworks burst above my head.

Those of you who don't know Ryan and my amazing love story have to understand that the first time we got on the phone we found out amazing stuff about each other that showed that God had been in our lives, weaving us towards each other the entire time. I knew this guy was for me.

I'm not sure I was in love with him yet. No, I wasn't. But I was certainly smitten and so excited to have found him.

We'd only known each other like a week and a half. But I'm not a very patient person.

So when I got home from the fireworks that evening and it was a bit after midnight (so July 5th) I got on the phone with Ryan and somewhere in our conversation I said something like "So are you going to ask me or what?"

Yeah, I'm totally subtle. I'm really great at that "playing hard to get" thing. But hey, so was Ruth.

"Ask you what?"

"To be your girlfriend." I was blushing on my end at my own audacity, but when God makes it so obvious who you're supposed to be with...

Ryan was also taken aback, but amused. And he complied.

Thus July 5th is our anniversary of becoming a couple.

Ryan and I, the day after I arrived in India.
Happy four years, Ryan! And seriously, they've been amazing. Here's to as many as God gives us until death does us part!

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