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Monday, August 25, 2014

Three Months!

Can you believe it? She's a quarter of a year old!! Craziness!

We took her in for her three month check up. She's now 12 pounds (5.45 kg) and 22.1 inches long (56.2cm.) More than double her birth weight, two months early! She's been concentrating very hard on growth!

Three months is a milestone month in babies. It's when you're suddenly allowed to do some more stuff with them, like take her in her stroller. This is because they now have better head control, which is true of her. I haven't actually taken her anywhere in her stroller yet, but we do have one and I'd like to do that one day this week.

ignore the drool spot. 
She likes tummy time and is even making progress learning to crawl. No, I'm not saying she's crawling yet, but she's experimenting with moving her arms forward and kicking her feet. She's just way more energetic in general and is trying to wiggle a lot.

I left her on the middle of the bed while I was doing something else, still in the bedroom, with her diaper open. Airing her out, you understand. Her diaper was under her, so she wouldn't make a mess.. I look up and her little bottom is now about 8 inches to the right of her diaper! She'd just wiggled (not rolled) herself that far. Her head was nearly in the same place though.

That's not to say she's not turning. Ryan said he found her on her belly the other day. And she's been able to turn onto her side from the day she was born. However, she seems to be more interested in trying to crawl and in just wiggling then she is in rolling as a form of transportation.

She loves her mobile and is very interactive now. Each morning when I wake up and turn the light on
she greets me with an ear to ear grin, happy to see her Mommy. Her favorite songs are "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and "You Are My Sunshine." She demands to be the center of attention when she's awake, very rarely calmly entertaining herself. She wants me to dance for her, dance around with her in my arms, etc. Before now she's been a very calm, undemanding baby but apparently such things can't last forever...

in her baby dedication outfit
She is sucking on her hands a lot, so we have tried to introduce a pacifier. I had tried to see if she wanted one at six weeks or so, but she rejected it. This time she accepted it, but she only likes it if I hold it in her mouth for her. She tries to hold it in herself, but doesn't have the coordination yet. She's getting close though. It's no big deal if she never takes it (I didn't use one as a baby) but since she will cry for something to suck on and is trying to suck her thumb, I figure it might better. Recent studies have shown modern pacifiers do not damage teeth, but thumb sucking does. Also babies who sleep with pacifiers have a lowered SIDS risk for some reason. It is no big deal if she doesn't accept it, but if she does, it won't harm her any.

Normally she screams bloody murder during her baths, but today, for the very first time she bathed without screaming. She wasn't enjoying it either, but I'll take it!!

She's getting a bit stranger shy. Not very, but she definitely prefers me the most and often no one else will do, not even Ryan. She also seems to get overwhelmed when we take her out sometimes. I've been going out with her on more days then we stay in lately, and we're realizing I need to limit how long she stays out each day for now. She can handle maybe four hours a day out, perhaps five, but more than that (even if not consecutive) and she has a melt down from over stimulation.

She still loves her swing. Today she had a poopy blowout while I was setting her into her swing just after I woke up and so I had to wash the swing. The cloth part of the swing comes off easily to be washed in the washing machine, so no big deal except I don't really have a good alternative place to put her. Consequently she kept crying unless I was holding her and I didn't get a lot done today. It's hot and dry, which in many ways is bad but means that her swing cover didn't take long to dry and she's currently happily back in it.

She also loves the ergo and we like to go on walks together. I have also realized that if I leave her in the ergo when I go places she will be like five times calmer than if I take her out when I get there, like when I go to someone's house or a Bible Study. At her grandparent's house of course the main reason we are there is for them to interact with her, so I have to take her out as soon as we get there. The consequence of that however is she's the most cranky at her grandparents of anywhere else. I am sure that will change in time though.

She's apparently the elusive true to size baby and has basically outgrown her "0-3" month clothes and is now "3 months" size. "3-6 months" is still too big, just slightly.

That's pretty much how she is right now!

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  1. Your little girl is beautiful! I loved reading this post because it gives me an idea of what to expect when my little boy will be 3 months old (in October!).

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!


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