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Monday, September 15, 2014

Dreamer and the Cats

That sounds like a band, eh?

Vex really likes her. He and Princess both love cuddling our feet, like they'll run up and rub their faces and body on our feet and like us to pet them with our feet (which is excellent when I've got Dreamer taking over my arms.) Over a month ago he suddenly ran up when Dreamer was in my lap, her feet hanging off my arm and rubbed his face on hers! It was really cute and Ryan and I were pleased...

However, he's also got another way of showing affection. He (and Princess too) like to lick Ryan's
head. Princess actually started it last fall after Ryan had gotten a haircut so his hair was fur-length short. She started to sit and groom him, and Ryan likes the way it feels so he'd encourage it. Vex picked it up, but unlike Princess didn't decide the hair had to be fur length. So he'll also run up to me and start chewing on my hair. Like he'll take a mouthful and just chew on it like it's gum (not swallowing or anything.) I have to save it from him. Haha. Anyway, so the same day he started rubbing her feet he also ran up and tried to lick her hair and we had to stop him. Too germy. But it's sweet that he wants to, even if we can't encourage it.

The other day too he tried to snuggled up to Dreamer. Luckily I was right there and kept him from accidentally sitting on her. She was in this mosquito net thing I put her in sometimes and he was fascinated and came over and started laying on top of the edge... I had to keep pushing him away from her... but it made for cute pictures. And she was totally oblivious.

Princess on the other hand... eh. She's jealous of Dreamer I think. But not like mean jealous. Actually it's good Vex doesn't seem jealous and she does, though unexpected. When giving attention to them, Vex is the one who gets easily jealous and will shove Princess out of the way. Princess instead just gets a bit sad when she's jealous, but doesn't do anything about it. And that's how she is with Dreamer. She'll just look at me forlornly and be glum. However when I try to call her over to pet her with my free hand, she avoids me.

This Dreamer's new play pen: can you spot the cat wanting
in to play? lol.
However the second she sees me without Dreamer in my arms or right next to me she comes running up, excited, meowing for attention.

Princess was very fascinated actually a few weeks ago.. but when I'd let her get close she'd always veer away with a "oh, boring" look on her face. So I think that's her assessment of Dreamer so far: a very boring human kitten, not fun to play with but also taking all of Mommy's time. Sigh. She doesn't seem to see what I find fascinating about her yet.

Princess has also always been much more hyper and she's making it abundantly clear that the cats obviously need more toys. She's been stealing Dreamer's to play with... admittedly Dreamer could care less as she's not very interested in toys yet. But that's changing and I want to keep them out of the cat's paws. I need to get or make Princess some new toys, I know. Ryan doesn't want to spend any money and I hesitate to crochet her toys as after I crocheted them some last fall they both seemed to think that all crocheted things are cat toys. Consequently they will steal stuff I've crocheted for us or Dreamer. Still, thinking about it if I buy them toys they will probably be made of similar materials (plush stuff or hard plastic maybe) that Dreamer's toys are made of, so I'll have to teach them that just because it's a material used in their toy doesn't mean it is their toy. So I am thinking I might as well just make them new toys out of yarn, since it'll be the same difference but a whole lot more affordable.

As for Dreamer's reaction to the cats? So far pretty good. She was oblivious until recently, but if I pick up the cats and show her now she will usually smile or at least be wide eyed in interest. She seems to like Vex better, but I think it's because he's more rounded and babies are attracted to roundness in faces. She doesn't seem afraid of either of them.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing about your baby and cat. It was fun to read.


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