Friday, October 17, 2014

Thanks and Blessings

I've been very blessed. I've got a cup of chai and a wiggly baby, with a sweet kitty giving me loving looks. I've made fresh banana bread and the morning sun is peaking through the curtains.

This is the post on my blog where I thank God for the blessings of the week.

Thank you Lord for my Hindi lessons. I feel like things started to click a bit this week. I'm still so very, very beginning, just working on the Devanagari script and vocabulary right now but I can read words fairly quickly in a phonetic way now (as long as they don't have matras) and when my vocabulary expands maybe I'll actually be able to understand what I'm reading! Haha. Seriously though I have a bunch of words to absorb. Then I think I focus on learning the matras, more vocabulary, then grammar, then more vocabulary and the next thing you know maybe in a year or so I'll be speaking Hindi! It's exciting, especially as it's probably going to go much better than my five years of French since I'll get the privilege of immersion right outside my door. And maybe, with God's blessing, we can even raise a bilingual daughter.

Whoa, a bird is trying to next on my balcony as I type this... not too smart bird. Princess Panchali still has balcony privileges.

I'm thankful my herb garden is flourishing, except the citronella plant. It died. But that's because I didn't get enough flower pots and stuck it in a plastic jar I had punched holes in the bottom and apparently that wasn't good enough, drainage wise. It was only 25 rupees (about 40 cents) and an impulse buy, so not that upset about it. I'm hoping to buy more pots soon and add new plants, since the rest are doing great and adding a few more things to water is not a big deal.

I'm thankful Lydia is coming to visit next month. So much fun to anticipate.

I am thankful for my friendships and for my husband. 

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