Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Source of Hope

Dreamer "looking up" at the camera
I've been dwelling a lot lately on getting out of the negative mindset. I don't even try to get into it, but it's just sometimes the default especially in certain situations. However everything can be so different when we simply learn to look at things with a positive light.

I think the key to an optimistic outlook is having gratitude to God and faith that He's good. When I look around my life with a feeling of thankfulness it's very easy to feel positive. I'm grateful for my adorable daughter, my furry pets, my homey apartment, my washing machine, my lunch. I'm grateful for my hardworking husband and the technology that allows me to keep in touch with my wonderful parents, siblings and friends overseas. I'm grateful for my friends here and the amazing experiences I'm having. I think the key to the "glass is half full or half empty" metaphor is to be grateful you have the water at all, and maybe even gratitude that it's only half filled because someone got to drink the other half?

And of course I'm primarily grateful because I can look up, I can belief in God who gave us water and our families and this planet we call home. I'm grateful for the relationship I have in Him and that I know since He's the source and I can trust in Him I don't ever need to despair. There's always a source of hope. 

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