Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yarn Along

I want to do a few different yarn projects. I haven't started them yet. I keep telling myself to make another wool soaker, but I think I'm resigned I won't be doing it and i should lanolize the ones I have so I can start using them instead of waiting so I can lanolize them all together.

still need to lanolize!

I also want to make her little baby sandals and more headbands. I just need to put my yarn where I'll think to pick it up. The main issue is that I rarely am not using my hands. I'm generally either typing, holding Dreamer, or accomplishing some task.

I want to make a variety of these. :)

I've not been reading that much; I've been listening to podcasts instead, since I can multitask and listen to them while doing laundry, washing dishes or changing diapers. I listen to programs like Focus on the Family and Family Life as far as my Christian content goes; I have been searching for other things but haven't found anything except Boundless, which isn't really aimed at me. If you have suggestions I'd love. Secularly I'm enjoying Freakonomics, RadioLab, Hardcore History, Common Sense, Serial, This American Life, and well, a bunch of others. More suggestions welcome though. I like stuff that makes me think or tells stories, and conversations is often the best format.

The reading I have been doing has been stuff like Goodnight Moon and lots of board books. I also try to get in a devotional and Bible reading.

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