Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dear Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

Hi my beloved! You are adorable.

I am taking time to type this while you're taking a nap. You've been asleep a while, so you'll likely pop up soon and I'll cut this short.

You are so funny. You like to "lecture" us, raising your arms in vehement gesticulation and proclaiming whatever it is you're saying (sorry love, I rarely get it, you are saying more and more words clearly, but it's still mainly babble to my ears) with fierce passion.

It's just so stinking cute.

Speaking of words, you said "Mama" this Sunday for the first time! You haven't done it again though, and I don't know if you realized what you were saying... but maybe you did. I know you understand it when we say "Mommy", so I know you have the concept of a word for me. You've just been struggling to pronounce "Ms" up until now.

Other words you've said recently are "chocolate" and "water."

But most of all you cry though. You've figured out I respond when you cry, so you're crying over the silliest little things. I'm learning to turn, look, evaluate and if you're just doing it for a silly reason either ignore you (like last night when you just were crying because you sat down a little hard. You were fine. You just wanted me to pick you up, but you didn't need me to. You calmed down and started playing after a few moments) or scold you very gently so you stop crying and address your need. That's like when you're asking me for water. So I say "Stop crying! You want water? Just ask for water, silly! I know you are able to make yourself understood." and give it to you. And by doing this, that's why you said "water" the other day, repeating after me. You haven't yet asked for water the first time by name, but you will soon.

You're still totally loving animals. Yesterday we took a walk and you saw stray dogs and starting yelling "Hi! Hi!" and were very sad that the doggy didn't turn around to say hi back!

You're getting much more friendly. Today you left two of my friends hold you who you'd never happily went to before... this made both of them happy. You've always been shy, and you still are when you first enter social situations, but you're warming up faster and faster.

I love you and always will, baby. I think the washing machine is done so I should take this opportunity to hang it up before you wake.

With great love,

Your Mommy

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