Thursday, August 13, 2015

6 Adorable Dreamer Moments

There have been so many cute moments with my Dreamer that I share in a Facebook status on my private account or text to Ryan at work that I never have shared on my blog. So I thought a fun post would be letting you all in on these moments.

1. Dreamer grabs my phone saying "Hi! Hi!" urgently. This is not unusual and I assume she wants to call my mom, whom she loves to talk to on speakerphone, so I say, "Do you want to call Grandmama?" 
To my surprise she says "No!" then more urgently "Itty ats!!!" which means of course 'kitty cats'.  So a quick Google image search of "cat pictures" later and I have a happy baby chuckling with joy. I love getting to know and communicate with this girl!

2. A few days later, we're going to bed . I am nursing Dreamer to sleep and looking at my phone... She stops, comes near my face and whispers "Hi." 
"Hi," I reply and gather her in my arms. She reaches up and touched my phone with a finger. 
"'itties?" she asks hopefully. Yes baby, I'll show you kitty cat pictures if you want. 

3. Ryan sticks on some music; Dreamer immediately leaps up and starts grooving to the beat, then turns to her dad and holds out her hand like 'Dance with me!'

4. Not only is Dreamer cute as a button, she's also beginning to be polite. The song she listening to ended and I said "Do you want more music?" and she said "Pwease!"

5. Dreamer is also turning into a Daddy's girl. I wake up on a recent morning, she's already up, sitting in bed. 
"Good morning sweetheart, how are you?" "Daddy?" 
"He's at work, hon. Come here, let's cuddle." "Daddy?" Pause. "Daddy?" 

6. And then today I am watching Dreamer hug Vex (our patient cat.) Then Vex licks her, she giggles and jerks back... then Dreamer lean in to hug him again. And repeat!

And continuing to give thanks onto my Lord:

77- for the smell of green things
78- for Your accessibility
79- the thrill of art
80- the luxuries of 21st century life and
81- the simplicity of human need

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