Friday, August 21, 2015

So Our Computer Died

May it rest in peace.

We're not quite sure what happened. Maybe something along the lines of a short through the graphics card? I don't know,  Ryan's messing with it. I am  holding out hope that it's not the motherboard so our files can be saved. Some of our photos are online,  but not all,  and basically none of my writing aside from the blog obviously.
So I will be blogging from my phone,  which is fine,  but truthfully not easy. The app is really horrid.  You can only upload maximum two photos to go at the bottom of the post,  can't move them.  And about half the time I publish via the app there is formatting issues in font and/or spacing.  If you've ever visited a post of mine with no spaces between paragraphs or with teeny tiny font size I promise that wasn't on purpose,  that was published through the app and I try to correct it as I see it.
I can use the regular website through my phone's browser but of course it's teeny tiny and trying to say drag a photo is hard on it using a touch screen.  So please just bear with me a while.

Still this has helped me be aware of God's joy in my life!

I have been sick since Tuesday night,  then Thursday the computer died. Thursday night I talked to a crying loved one on the phone who my heart breaks for,  I heard of two friends father's having serious medical conditions (cancer and being in danger of having a leg amputated.) Another friend talked about her struggle with depression. And I am having to face the fact my beloved dog in America,  Sophie,  may not be there when I hope to visit later this year because her health is declining.  (However,  we recently were told the shelter likely lied about her age when I adopted her and she's likely 16 years old or older instead of the 12 we thought. Which is actually comforting.)
Yet with all that bad news,  I felt joyful and hopeful and uplifted. I  hadn't even realized it but as I went to pray last night the rational part of my mind said,  "you're sick and your computer broke and so many people you care about are hurting,  yet you're not down. This isn't of you." Indeed,  by myself I would be wallowing in sadness, but in Him I am concerned but not worried,  affected but not dejected. Jesus is so good.

Here I am as I am now,  hair wet from the shower and sporting my new glasses... Oh I am doing this on the app so hold out for that picture after my thanks giving list,  haha!

129- views
130- the slow smile inside,  the chickadee moments
131- rescuers from wasps
132- for brothers and sisters from all over the world
133- for being planted in an eternal,  global foundation (You)

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