Friday, August 28, 2015


I have been rearranging the furniture just to have a change. It's been a pretty good week,  though a transition week for us. Ryan's schedule changes monthly and, praise God, he's on a rare day schedule after months of varying night schedules. Which is great but as always the change is a bit discombobulating. (Words are fun.)

Ryan said while I was doing "spring cleaning" I should change the curtains. I did, but was taken aback by him saying that, since I hadn't thought of my cleaning that way.  It's August, not spring! But sprucing up the apartment, to transition... It didn't seem entirely the wrong words either,  so I didn't contradict him. 

I am wrestling with spiritual matters lately. There is a lot of joy here, but it's like something new is being birthed. Something I don't yet understand. I am seeking answers from God,  so as He says,  I have faith that since I seek,  I shall find. But I am in a time of "pondering in my heart." 

Let's be grateful in our hearts too! 

176- for Your promise that You are not a God of confusion 
177- and You do not give a Spirit of fear
178- that You are love
179- and that You flowing in us,  as sap bringing life to a branch, birth fruit of kindness,  gentleness,  love, joy, peace,  patience, goodness, faithfulness,  and self control
180- and for cold water 

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